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Episode 11 · 3 months ago

The Future of Work

What needs to change for the workforce to be productive, creative and happy in a world changed by the COVID pandemic? Join Carmen and Olivia as they explore what’s not working and look at ways to fix it.

Episode 10 · 4 months ago

Episode 10: Weird Wellbeing - Special Episode

After a short break, Carmen and Olivia are back with a slightly different episode format to usual. This week Olivia has researched a weird wellbeing subject and shares her discoveries with an unknowing Carmen. 

To find out more about Hysteria and the Curious Case of the Wandering Womb - -listen to their discussion and please enjoy their off topic tangents!

Explicit Content Warning - this one may not be safe to listen to at work! 

Episode 9 · 5 months ago

Episode 9: Imperfect Action

Ever find yourself paralysed with perfection? Did you get soooo much procrastinating done today? Then this is the episode for you! This week we talk about taking imperfect action!

And almost as if we planned it, the sound levels are a little...imperfect...this week... but enjoy listening to quiet Carmen and very loud Olivia - be your own sound engineer by turning the volume up and down on whatever device you listen to podcasts with!

Episode 8 · 5 months ago

Episode 8: Happiness

This week Carmen and Olivia bring happiness to your life! Listen as they discuss the concept of happiness, how to find it and their happy memories.