Episode 10: Weird Wellbeing - Special Episode


After a short break, Carmen and Olivia are back with a slightly different episode format to usual. This week Olivia has researched a weird wellbeing subject and shares her discoveries with an unknowing Carmen. 

To find out more about Hysteria and the Curious Case of the Wandering Womb - -listen to their discussion and please enjoy their off topic tangents!

Explicit Content Warning - this one may not be safe to listen to at work! 

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Episode 3 · 6 months ago

Epsiode 3: Change

On this week's episode of Naked Truth with Carmen and Olivia, they speak with special guest, John Stockdale, about managing change - both from an organisational and personal perspective.

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Episode 2 · 7 months ago

Episode 2: Beliefs

In this week's episode Carmen and Olivia discuss beliefs; why they are important, the impact they have on our lives and how we can swap limiting beliefs for more empowering ones!

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Episode 1 · 7 months ago

Episode 1: Adversity

On this first full episode, Carmen and Olivia discuss what adversity means to them, their personal experiences of adversity and what they have learnt along the way. This episode discusses mental health issues.

Connect with us over on instagram @nakedtruthpod, Twitter @nakedtruth_pod and Facebook at Naked Truth with Carmen & Olivia.

Episode 1 · 7 months ago

Introducing 'Naked Truth with Carmen & Olivia

Meet the hosts of 'Naked Truth with Carmen & Olivia', a brand new, raw and nakedly honest mental wellbeing podcast!