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Naked Truth with Carmen & Olivia

Episode 10 · 1 year ago

Episode 10: Weird Wellbeing - Special Episode


After a short break, Carmen and Olivia are back with a slightly different episode format to usual. This week Olivia has researched a weird wellbeing subject and shares her discoveries with an unknowing Carmen. 

To find out more about Hysteria and the Curious Case of the Wandering Womb - -listen to their discussion and please enjoy their off topic tangents!

Explicit Content Warning - this one may not be safe to listen to at work! 

Hello and welcome to episode ten ofNaked Truth with Carmon and Olibia Andehost Carmon and with me, is mycohost Olivia. Now this episode I something a little bit different and,to be honest, I don't know much about it. How are you Olivian, I'm good, I'm glad we're finallyrecording this episode. I know we've had a little little bit of a break alittle bit longer than we're expecting, but I'm feeling ready to tell you the story and I'm looking forward to seeinghow you react to it. So how are you doing not mad, not bad, I'm on kind of aholiday this week without my family and I'm very intrick about this episodenervous to Yonus. Tell me a bit more about it. I th, I think it's a a good thing that your daughter isn'taround, so she does nothear any of it. U, so the format for today is going to bevery different to what you've done before. So I'm going to tell you abouta weird well being subject that I have researched and you're going to listenand hopefully react to what I'm talking about, and it will sparksoneinteresting conversation and if it doesn't, we will never try this againand we'll go back to againseme what we're doing before. So are you ready ready all o sudden? So here we go so the topic for today's episode ishysteria and the curious case of the wandering womb and at the top I'm going to name mymain sources for this research. So I don't forget bcause Um. This is notstraight out of my head. I have had to look it up, so sauces are lit hub COM,ancient origins, dotnet wides com and an MC BI article, and there are acouple of other things that I will mention: juring Um, the episode. So doyou know much about hysteria and the wandering WOM commen, no, nothing atall. Okay, so hysteria was regarded as the her first mental disorderattributable to women, and it has been documented and INAVERSI commistreatedthroughout history from as far back as two thousand BC to the twentiethcentury. So it's been around for a very very long time and actually, quiteuntil quite recently, it was a recognized disorder and its documentedin the ancient Egyptian Cahon p papyrus studied by the Arconots Onicton, Greece,Plato and hypocrates get in on it an it was Seeng during the witch trials as todo with demonic possession. Freid then gets involved and says, hang on this,isn't only something if women men get it too, and the list goes on. So it'sbeen studied for centuries, but one prevailing theory that stuck around fora very long time about hysteria and what caused it was the wondering womb s.She might wonder what a Wondrisa wonderal woman well, I'm sure thiswill be no surprise, butback in the day, they thought the womb liked to go wandering away around thewoman's body, because it's like a Sniffardo verseman Itovseaan, thewomthey can't get a not of Zaman and if I can't find any in its correctanatomical position, Ol what fwom to do rother than to kind of go around otherparts of the body trying to find some seamen. So it is it's just a littlesnifferdog for Seman, so it would be constant to move around a woman's bodylooking for Sim yeah if it can't find any if it's not getting enough in itsnormal position. If it's like hang on, when did I last get some seamen? I needto go, find some seamen. It will go sniff it out somewhere else. So whatdid they say like? How much is enough for the won CN Jwat? They didn't saythat they didn't have a a kind of measurement of what what was enough. Ithink it was just based on oh you've got hysteria. Clearly, you don't haveenough saiment, so it could be, then my one one daywill be in my face another day: it stays in your Um Tor. So oh I see, but it could be allover the place within it also so different pending, where it is who causdifferent problems by Thas way, woman fell different emotions, yes anddifferent illnesses, as well, so having... moving to different areas of yourbody. Unsurprisingly, isn't good for you. It's not good for your body tohave this womb just wandering about, and there was a physician in Capadocia,um or Gapadocia. I never know how to say that one called Aretaus and he saidthe ROMB could go up and down and left to ry and basically it could collidewith other organs, and that would cause different problems. If it went up, itcould cause sluggishness you to be weak and have there to go, have headaches. If it goes down. You'dfeel that you were choking, you couldn't speak, you lose yoursensibility and, most dramatically you would have a very sudden and incredibledeath, so's, no laughing matter. Only your woms desire for seamen could killyou oit an, but this is like this one off acentury, so this wasn't, like one person said it, and it was like. OhYeah we'll do that for a bit. It was like. They really believed it. So, throughout this huge period ofhistory, many of women's elements could be blamed on their wandering womb andhysteria. So, as I already said, it's considered hysterious considered to bea mental disorder, but it's also just a very general term given to loads of different issues. So itincludes it's not limited to mental illness, sexual deviancy, LolabidoVertigo, Migrane, sujust to bemental health issues being a bit Kinky, notwanting to have sex feeling dishy and having a Migraine that could all becalled hysteria and therefore it's the fault of your womb. That's justwandering about William, but don't worry becauseAretaus knew how to sort that out now we alldea know it loves the smellof seamen, but bazali wounds also love the smellof flowers. So if you keep some flowers by your Vargina, the womb would just betricped back into place. Anyline o any kinds of flowers theyjust wite, fravent Florels, so anything that smell particularly flora as good. But it's nice that, while being isn'talways hard work, sometimes it's just outs, Ome, flowrs, nowrs down there ands and on the opposite way. If yousmelt something disgusting, so you know like smelling salts to bring peopleround and they've fainted. That kind of smell could force it backinto place, cause it like all at smells disgusting and it goes back down. And what this remind me of is have youheard of Yonnie steaming so when people have their vagianesteamed these days and no have some carect attoleage backgroundstudy with the Nan? No, I am going off a bit of a tangent here,but it's just it just reminded me. This kind of obsession of like the Virginaand Oh yeah, W put ome flowers there that will make it all better is on. SoI looked up Um vaginal steaming and the proper Termi Yani steaming, which isYoni and so health on line had an article and it describes it as an ageold remedy, said to cleanse tof, vaginer and uterus yo n self cleaning,the Jiner, but don't worrywe, can claim Mor Monday, regulate menistration, easeperiod, cramps and bloating, and after receiving high praise on GwyntePaltro's website, goop the practice es surged in popularity- and I thinkthat's where I know it from is hearing about Gwenith Palttro 'cause. She islike a real proponent, fo lite, weird well being stuff is that this issomething she doesn't tell e w. What do you do is there's a machine you can buyand how oft do you have? Are you interested in Traci? Oh because,if well need to it, you know we have to all try, of course. So this is how you do it so that this sor at work, so the Jinal steamingdirects her infew steam into a Vargina does not sound safe and for a big feet.You can go to a spar and have it done or you can just kind of do it yourselfat home, where you just squat over a container of of theoe, yes, smol wit, akettle on Heh Wina Ball, put some hot water becareful with the heat yeah anddo some Wi. I guess you see when we wear Eo when we got calls we used tobecause we were living in the countryside. We used to get Ocaliptuslefs yeah or they in Warm Water and...

...breathe a vapor. Only ever no ralingspending your money in something else in Anoto, Fanci par, just Gitsan,ocalitus and Gor at home with a cattle. Well, they they recommend Um, Muguo,wormwood, Camemal, Calengula, Basil and Oregano and Um. If you have it, a SPA.They'll have like a special seat which Gwinnith pouctro calls a throne with ahole for the steam to come through. But if you do it at home, it's a little bitmore know Olivia. I I still don't understand why these woman is doingthat. She has his area ocourse the benefits, its use as anatural remedy for cleaning the Virgina N Utrus and the entire reproductivetract, but not only that. It also allegedmy relieves stress, depression,hemeroids infections, infitinity, hormen imbalances, headache fatigue,digestive issues and best of all generalized pain. So it sounds likequite cural to just steam clean your vagina with some herps and then you'refix familia essorted. Now don't bother with colches and therapy ress just getthe catconsow. So when I get to the question of, does itreally work? The answer given is there is no scientific evidence that vaginalsteaming works and, according to doctor, Manni Alvarez, chairman of theDepartment of abstrectric stectrics and Ganacology, and reproductive science atHackensack University Medical Center, a very long title and how made up doesHackenssak Universityvaginastteem may help you relax, but little else. Idon't know if I'L be too relaxed O how hot o I'm gong to try he claysas little chance. Theherbalsteen could penetrate the vaginal tissues, let alone regumate, himoanesand improved fatility. One benefit may be that the moist heat from the steamincreases blood flow to the vaginal area than this isn't well studied. Soconsidering this a sit bath or simply soaking in a warm tub might have thesame effect. Another VEU sing King Olivia h how how I'm going to do itlike, for example, we got rid of the bath. Weonly have a shower, I think you'd have to get like a bowl.I fol fill it with herbs and hot water and then just squat over it. I guessthat could be good as well. For my legs, Toson Gimassasiss, the vapor goes to some squats, so you pear to birds atthe same time. Well, what is another view? Is thatwhat's been promoted, the reason for it informated is cuntural and not physical,and one study found that reasons for this practice focused on women's bodiesas deficient and disgusting and propagated a negative female self image,which m ithink probably sounds more realisticthan that. It's going to fix your your generalized pain and fertilityproblem, s that actually it's because women are disgusting and and we WaWomen Tha, always have a negative self image so that theyl keep paying fortreatments like that, and so as much as I am amused or eusedby the ancient practices around hysteria and the wandering womb. Ithought that was an interesting thing to bring up because it just shows weare as ridiculous today in some things that that we do in s the Quaansi yeah in tequest to beour best version of ourselves. Ifi is quite captic to be ones sistence. I could it could work as e Noi, becausethe celebrity is doing the rest of us. We just want oppy, I mean I said Iwould try. Perhaps I we try. I don't know, but just out of curiosity now, because acelebrity is doing it. The problem with these things is like many young girls. They are so influenced by whateverthese lees are doing so, no matter what, even, if et's something stupid, theywill follow. Yeah and those lipperties are very often either like Grennithpatro. have their own well being company, VIIT, they're, being you know,paid to promote stuff that they're not really using that they they're literaryjust there to do some advertising for people on e instregram Um. You knowthere is definitely a big big risk to... in that kind of just doing thingslike you say, because, oh my favorite celebrityis doing it. So it must work.escertly informethere is Um, a morality th, you know they have topay attention to, and e could be that she truly believesin whas es Ding. Theys fine yeah can the right place, but there are manyother areas where they just yo know. It's tat the same things and thefollowers they would just do whatever they say is quite Gari anm, not so theVirgina one is self cleaning, so it will clean itself and two: it's not it's. It's a delicate balancedown. There you're not meant to be putting seryin there that isn't meantto be in there I mean, if Youtral, I don't understand- and I never did like. I remember when Um so because I I was brought Tup in aCatholic enpireonment and that was okay, but to go with a study with the nunsimbolting Mol and you become sobring was, and I remember me, and it's not they didn't say warslike you, Boti disgusting, O, whatever it didn't, they never did. But Iremember the first time I kissed a boy and I got excited I felt dirty. I feltimmusted. I felt I was wrong. The thing is, I don't understand how people inreligion they believe that is a god to allow whatever you want to call hemthat creates us and think that we are no perfect. If God create us, everything about usis perfect, as I say, or now we have to circromcise the our boyse. Yes isBETTERFOR, not the human body's, perfect and everything. Every part hasa role in in our life n function and you we shouldn't, modify anything.Obviously, if it's from for paying rich issue, a milliness of course, but ifit's not just live as it is, is now and if you're no religious for me, you knownow, I'm not religious and I believe in a higher power that created us and mybody's prefet. I don't need to modify anything in my Bajia and if I had a sonI would not touch his penies because he's perfect as it is so I sistm it's quete interesting. Isn't it MMSOto go back to the wandering wonb there there' more cures beyond flowers Um another cure is too if you just keepgetting pregnant, that helps, keep the woung aful Lo and today's way womankept getting pregnant and dying Wel, but it also helps keep the womanin her place as a baby. Making factory just keep her there, making babies keepthe been right place. It'll keep niceand healthy an enough, and I'm notsaying I always say to people like Um, it's a decision and some women theydon't have. They don't want to have kids, and that should be okay, but Iremember the only time I felt hundredrcent happywith my body was when I felt Pren mmit just fell,like my body was doing what it was meant to do, and I look you know I wasfatter than before in Alder. You know before I had. I always been slim andyou know very petid, but I was had insous with my body and I don't likethis. I don't like that, and I remember when I went through pregnancying, I puta kiloson that for my hig it was. It was okay, but I just felt so sexy. Ifelt you nomy body was so beautiful. My big belly was so beautiful and then I deliver the baby and my bodycomplexes came back yeah. It was quite interesting that Um with the body UmSoyo, you might need to turn into a baby making factory. Then ijeus closean O, an Os Sen, ovrthing jug down Bas. Basically sex is a consistent. Sexis also a cure, but that does make sense, because if womnbs love seamen,of course, they want to moramoniand. Also, it could be cured through genitalmassage exercise and relaxation, so that sounds like a pretty modern, takeon on solth care and documentation from the eleventh century states thatmarriage and masterbation became the untold cure for the sympton. Althoughmost medieval doctors were hesitant to ebscribe it, because they were worriedthat their female patients might ask them to do it to them. Brilam and most octors would prefair women tohave their husbands or midwives perform...

...the treatment. I don't know how you'dfeel about your midwife and during that B, no en during the the twelfth century, Minphysicians relied on the Greek plassics from Plato and apocretes to diagnosedmost ailments and hysteria sort of grewto more and more things were addedto histeria and what that meant. So it also now included- and I'm reading thisword for word- IHAVE, not written. This sentence, the retaining of blood of allsorry, the retaining of blood ar of corrupt and venomous uterine humors.That should be purged in the same way that men are perged of seed that comesfrom their testacles next to the penis, and that is from the physician.Trotoler M, and that made me cinnago. What does Iactually mean? I God loster o? I think it means look you're all ganked up withmenstrual blood. Sorry, it's Goin o have a drink, AF, I'm coughing all ganked up with menstral blood orother kind of faginal liquids which made me think of that? U Cardibnmeganistalion Song Wap, which stands for wet ass pussy, if you don't know TaSong and how they have kind of made, this feminist kind of anthem around andhaving a wet for Gina when excited sexually, and I think it's funny thatit's almost like they're saying. Oh, if you've got this liquid coming from yourvagina, this must be like the issue. That's causing you some problem andthat's what we're going to call that's another part of hysteria like it's bad,for you to have a what Cardi he we call a wet Aspessy, and it made me think about that. Haveyou heard of this guy called Benchapiro. Hes is right wing idiot in the states none of many obviously one of many. He would call himself a conservative,political pundit and but I prefer, write wriping idiot. Sorry, I'm just like traking today, Ithink it the subject making your own you're very excited, O, try, mout and but he he read out the lyrics tothis Sonto whap and was kind of Um like cratiquing them and saying likehow bad it was for women to be talking like that, he was doing it. Iner kindof women are being seen as objects way,which I can understand what he's saying, but he's not taking. Itto Acountess iswomen talking about themselves, and I think the problem with this as wellis it's like a penda listener. We need to go to the other stream. Where youknow people lay these girls, they put a song over there because to be honest, Irememberas I mentioned him from my Catholic background. I was feelingDarty to get excited now. I look at my child and she's Goin to be freeofful ofthis she's Gonto be like hinking about sexuality in sex, something no more, no, something darty!If you, if you get wet O, if you kiss a boy before marriage or my God, O my Godand the problem, is in many societies in America, mm they're very narrowminded, you don't have to go to poor countries in any of our countriesdepending on the family. So you know he's got a point there that perhapswoman, B, woman or man anyway, they shouldn't talk in this way I mean.Sometimes when I listen to all these ruppers. I can't listen to them. I feellike I'm, my mother, I don't like swearits, I don't like swearing andthis and a so much to listen to at it just s like pollution in my mind, Bu.At the same time you have to normalisa yeah, yeah, A and but Thi. He he's like thisreally straight lace person reading out these lirics, but then he's all socensoring them 'cause. He Come Oun the words of a Hony, so he says p Word and then, whenever he talks about hiswife, he always like she is a doctor, but he always calls her his doctor,wife, like it Ond trange, so he's like reading these lyrics that gets the bitabout, but they so wet. They need a a bucket and mop Um and he said that hisDCR wife told him that if they need a bucket and mop, they should get medicalcare as they have bacterial gagenosis a ustion or an STD. So he really went for the kind of it'scompletely abnormal for women to get wet in any way. They must have a amedical issue because of it by aisting way, a a Guy Liy there had to put thattable at tha topic on the table. I know...

...what is Trong anhething is that songwas not written for him, that he is not espected to be the fan of that Tanx.Why he buffered about it Anas. I was watching the news today 'cause I'm nowwatching to be at all, and I definitely will not watch theAmerican politicans fighting against each other, but I was flicking throughthe channels, and I saw it was only two minutes- the Republicans all theseyoung women and Jon Generation talking the way they did is jest horribleMorabl. I felt like were going into waers that are quite dangerous if theywin, agane is just horrible, Som hate and you know the way they talk aboutthe Democrat. It's just Oh, my God. It was just I just couldn't watch it washorrible anywayis. Just is he, Sir another tangent Le's go back to to wathe won, but is quite funny as if you see thetwitter comments about benchipiro making his wife dry are quite funny.'cause people like well ifbasically, boasting that his wife is never wet.Like Wi whic, you Bosta, I mean we have tank Ca, totet, she's, never ingwent. So on the twelfth century, Um vaginalfluid was seen as something bad, as does Benchipiro and his dor wife. Today,so moving onto the thirteenth century, Europe doesn't really change theirdefinition of hysteria. It's still the same as it was before, but they kind of recommend that widowsand nuns partakin treatment, wo Um. You know massage peoples for Jiners UN toljob o. So no not just could thehusband O it could could a nurse do it? Could a widow do it could anun do it?Poor widows, if had someone die and nowthey've got to go des, is w you seewhen we were aboarding school. We kept thinking that there is no way priestsand nuns. Wil Not have airges like the ES, and we look at them like they wereall lesbians doing with each other. So you know itcould very well be that the nuns will be happy. I don't know yeah, but ifthey couldn't get the traditional methods of Um, you know married peoplehaving sex or having some form of genital massage. If that didn't work,and it W's around this time that they started going hang on. Maybe this isn't just hysteria, maybethey've been possessed by Demon Wetall, those hecks on my witch and theyisworse. They will be call witches, righ, Eno, th t this is surprising, Atua'cause when I started reading. This is ar old grats and now these people arewitches and they're gonna, they're, Goinno Beburg at the Stak or whatever, but apparently demons when they'relooking for people to possess the people they particularly like are youngwomen suffering from depression, single women, difficult women, which I don'tknow why a deman will want to possess a difficult or difficult, oan and themand elderly women. But by mediaeval cannon law, any woman suffering fromhysteria or possession were considered blameless of their actions, so theyweren't sent to stand trilas witches. Instead, they were sent to priests tobe exercised, and if the exocism didn't work, um they couldn't be saved and it doesn'tgo on to say what then happened then, but I imagine it wasn't a good ending.If they couldn't be exercised. I imagine the Woty thepress did to them.I imagine they. They did some kind of ases of therapony and threw some holywater over them, and and when that didn't work, I imaginethey were collogust left o. You know I don't know die, I it really doesn't sayit just like e. If it didn't work, they were, they couldn't be saved so eitherthey were just left to live like that or M. I wouldn't be surprised if theydied from the exocism, though 'cause yeah, having seen some modern day oneson documentaries, they've go os, Reliavin, tents, yeah, but eventually possession and hexes andwitchcraft then fell out fashion. So we went back to massage and marriage andsex, and it's it's not quite clear when thishappened, but the wandering wom section seems to eventually fall out of favorso hysterious to the round. There is still the link to reproductive order, adireproductive organs, but the actual disorder of hysteria isn't in anylonger being blamed on this womb wandering around looking for seamen. Sowhat out of the symptoms of hysteria 'cause, I never heard of basicallyanythingyou. Could it could be that you... are depressd that you've got someother formamental illness that you um have migraines you've got vertliteallyanything everything anything that was deemed as a woman's Almen. They couldjust call hysteria a Nowa dase. What is called Histeria we have nowadays weactually know what those conditions are, so we cal it something we call them allthe Indo which there is no hysterian yeah. So in the nineteenth century they start worrying about stds,particularly sypholous and doctors are concerned that in them anpromotingthings like you need to go, have lots of sex or youneed a genital massarge. They would be seen as promoting sexual devauchery andwhich they didn't want to do so. They were thinking like well. How ese couldwe remove the desire for sex, which would then in turn cure the hysteria?So then they started performing and I'm go to try and say this wordcliteredectomes AL, removing other reproductive organs, ae basically doingfemale circumcisions and the hope wasn't doing that an the women would become more compliantand trustworthy. So yeah, that's interesting, 'cause! Iimagine those women no longer trusted anyone else after they have that doneto them. I'm so happy to be born at this Tim Annie. I think, with mypersonality I will be dead so young, because I will be fighting all thesepastors thankful. This trend didn't stickaround too long, and the doctors found a more technical way to distancethemselves from the sexual debauchery through gental massage, and that wasthrough the M linvention aspose of medical vibrators. So previously, whena doctor had to perform a gental me massage on a patient, they they would do it in the you know:dcor's room with the patient's husband and maybe even other family memberswatching in the room, my God- Oh my God, imagine my mother sitting down God andthat take hours. TBA will give me hysteriar it Wul e. take it out youilit could take hours to bring the patient to Augasm and was reportedlyuncomfortable to watch aother Shityeah. I imagine it wasn't real comfortable tohave it done to you for hours either. So the doctors did try to persuadehusbands or midwives to do it instead. But another issue was that Massag is atreatment rather than a cure, so the symptoms of hysteria would return andthen womano back again for another massage Um, so tbe their son of thenthey did like it Tocae Oo, the mother, who that was their particular King, O aGuine to the doctor for that Oo. MA'AM, please, he soby using vibrators Um. It made it alot easier and the doctors were physically distant from actually doingthe treatment themselves, an thereis where, where Annsamas as created wit,Avratotto office dear so there was a time when you went to the doctor'soffice and were brought to orgasm by a vibrator for the good of your health.Now some scholars do deny theory, but I don't want to ruin a good story and Ithink it sounds like it makes sense. Now. Eventually, signal froi comesalong, like hit, does with everything says: hold your horses hysteria isn'tjust a woman's thing. I've got it too, and it becomes more of a they're, verymuch kind of interested in the mental disorders side offiseteria. Rather thanblaming absolutely everything that woman ever has on hysteria and withthat it all begins to die down a bit and by the Early Twentieth Century, thenumber of women suffering from hysteriodrastically declines due to itpreviously overgeneralized diagnosis. So before when itwas like you're illyou've got this problem. You've got that problem, it's hysteria. Actuallythey had proper in names for the actual conditions that they were. They startedbeing diagnosed with whatever the actual problem was, rather than justthis label of hysteria and in the twenty first century it is no longerrecognized as an illness at all, so hurrah being God Yong. So withinseveral hundred years, the definitions of wandering room and hysteria seem tosay somewhat consistent. Three time more symptoms were added and why itcame about was kind of changing, but the theme and the treatment seemed toremain the same until the turn of the twentieth century. Only then was it kind of phased out formore scientific and specific definitions of illnesses. That could beargued that that happened because of...

...advances in medical technology. So, aswe be became more aware of science and things that we could do and inventedstuff to Um, Yeu find out causes of things and treat things that weactually started. Diagnosing things properly, so hysteriaist died upnaturally, but some would arguits also due to women attainding more rightsthan they had before, and I found this an casummery from femnews magazine. I really liked, as I thought it kind of summed up the gender issues with hysteria very well.So, regardless of how it was treated, hysteria was deeply gendered because itwas thought to be caused by upsets in the womb. It was seen as purely awoman's disease in ancient griece hypocrateis used Tysterio as Malidationfor women to be unable to participate in politics or other integoral parts ofsociety. Women were seen as too emotional and unpredictable to betrusted with political issues. This belief, unfortunately, carries on intoday into today's world. It wasn't too long ago that Hilary Clinton was calledtoo emotional to run for president. Not only was hysteria and absurd absurddisease, but it was a means of oppressing women. Women with hysteriahad to rely heavily on a man's help in order to function rather thanaddressing psychological issues. Women in terms of the old Gendervi minorymodel were disregarded because they own something that men don't and wombstigmas haven't changed. Women are still called crazy and over emotionalstill, we come up with excuses for women's emotions. If she's acting atour sorts or irrational, it's immediately assumed that she's on herperiod, which discreds it discredits her emotions, women may have wombs, butthey also have mines, although histeria might be a term of the past, theessential gender oppression behind it continues. Today, I thelgt that kind of sis I t now well,there n and he Sol Throh, to be honest, like corporate, you don't seem anywoman at the top in politics, you dont Sei, it be more and more and the onesthat are doing really well. These days are worming in politics, but it's Um,it's Tue. Even the way we talk with our fend. Oh with my period, you know orshe's with her period and the thing is: Society needs woman. You know in higherpowers and society human means we need. Emotions, emotions, R, no bad things.Emotions is a gift from our wisdom telling us if something is aline, withoourselves and our values or not Yeh. So it's it's a it's a perfect Sammarit,beses yeah. I think a little bit of emotional intelligence would be veryhelpful in the WI. Now Am I gan so needed so and to be honest, I reallyhave big hopes for thie future generation. I see these kids and mydaughter say have very different people, my daughter care so much about the black life matters about them. Fanet. Inever did at her age he's only eleven ye ha is so much hopefor and they're,not gonna. You know woman they're going to be much more in power because asparents we are t teaching no, how to do a different than readit and as well. Ithink what they see out there. You knowtere's just so much information in their hands, and so I have big hopes, but e q is heavilyneeded everywhere in society and emotions thate needed. We need tolisten to our emotions. Yeah and I think a bit of eq would have reallyhelped out with them. You know the centuries of hysteria thatwomen were treated for. Actually people would have gone hang on.We can't distcall all these different things, the same thing and they allhappen to have the same treatment, and why is it also going on if, if this ishow you cure it or how you treated many of conflicts wars, many of the bigissues in in the world is because people are no using Ik Yal what I jusUing Ik Eit potally, disregarding any kind of empathy and emotions. We alllearn to listen and to be more ampathetic. I think half of the warswould disappear and it's true. We have less wars thanin the Middle Age. You know that were always killing another, so not to saythat we didn't improve huven human mean. You know our evolution througho thecentury is is huge. Even important. Howadays are reachin comprison withbefore by Stell is a long way and Um,...

...and I think leaders inbig corporatesand in politics. If they don't have a good character, an empath in compassion, I don't thinkthey will be successful in the future yeah I yeahi hope for there. You have it at was awhistlestoped summary of hysteria, and the wondering womb I mean is is muchit's a really huge subject. You could lactually pick a sentry and talk aboutit for hours, but I just wanted to kind of bring the high lights of it and thereason I picked that topic was hat. I was Kindo doing so just generalresearch into the history of self care and well being, and although ihad heardof hysteria before and had some idea of women's diagnoses and the treatmentsshoul didn't now how long it hade been around or anything about the wanderingwomb being the prevailing theory, and it got me thinking that there mustbe a pleasurer of other weird well being subjects out there for eeryone tolearn about so whether it's medieval apothecaries domes day coats. The ginalsteaming that we're talking at the floor. You can go all different wayswith it. I think it's Really Y. U Ow! It's a big area to research, Fon aweekly basis. It did take sometime to put all that together, but I thought itwas a fun kind of change the pugcast to do for our our tenth episodes O. Maybe we could have to think about what youknow other specialcoky might want to do in the future yeah. No, I think it wasgreat Um. He puts fence into perspective and I think it's quiteimportant to see how you know the way we view things and sometimes evennowadays you know it's just people keep sarcricisingtheir voice. I think it's renders and at parents telling me that is good to do as a baby, becausebabies they don't suffer. I was thinking okay, give me your babyand I slap you baby see if you baby doesn't cry Yeah Babees, they suffr asmuch as you do that Mam yeint you can so we still do a lot of things becausewe think it's the right thing to do and I don't know how much damage I's done.Baby 'cause, you don't have a comparator, you can't see you baby withor without the s circumcer. So it's very interesting and Um yeah. It's Um. You know with the mentalwellbeing one of the tences you cant Stil, talking corporateable mentalweabing. I mean in powerpoint presentations Ye of course, youont talkthat then yding having lunch with your colleagues and even in I remember wehad u the well being week and I wanted totalk to them about that and susually. They could change in the subjects wewill having lunch and, like I' saying you know like, I think we all havedifferent levels of you know issues with our minds and we didn't want totalk about it because there is a stigma and I stickma is is still there, I'mafraid it's getting better. We are more open and we are going towards he theright path to keep talking about on Othar by a long journey. I think yeahand I think it's getting more usual, like you say, for it to bea powerpoint presentation for it to be a a general topic for discussion, seems to be easier than it has beenbefore in a course obut. If you're still talking like one on one like Hey,I'm qrit open talk about my experiences. People get scared, they don't want toknow they're like Oh. What am I going to hear? If is this going to trigker?Something in me? I don't know what the reasons afer. I think the problem isLiy. When we don't know how we can telp, we get a scare because she could be thesaid. It'ld be like here, my partner was felt like it was verysuperficiallike to meet each other in the corridor, say hi. How are you andyou are gone already? He goes he's from Dama, so they're more, you know Li. Heasked me how I was. He didn't wait for the reply. Yeah. You know what I meanwhen for Mei yeah, but the what you say. You know. How are you by it's now, it'snot important, but the thing is it is important and the thing is sometimes wedon't ask the question because we're so scared of the answer and many of us. Wecan't deal with them. It's a little bi like in society. I was reading Um a book about how society wants us notto feel pain. We don't individuals, we don't like paying and we don't want tofill Maine as well society. So imagine... Um. A big event happened like inNew Zealand when this G, the guy killed so many people in the monion. It goes really quick too. Okay, thishappens now it's hearing. Well, we have to go through the Pang and feel thatbang and then we can star thinking we go too quick, because paying is too. Wecan't deal with thing. The thing is to properly hear if you don't deal withthe paing and really feel it, I don't think we can hearand. That isthe problem. Many of us, we didn't heal many of our issues because we jump outof the pain. This is too unbearable, living in the thoughts of being inpaying. We don't like it. You know we just want to get rid ofTaying as quick as possible. Please and go to you know, keep moving on thething is you need to not to be scared and you need to fell the Pang and thenthe healing will come Isa. Um and you know people like us. Probably we arepart of the way where we do talk about issues and I don't care t if people will judge me,because I was depressed o because I had this illness so because even houradaysI go up and down when I feel you know M it s, you can't control what peoplethink about you. You just can control what you think about you and others andthe resules, but the more. I think, the more we do it. The more people arearound us. We create a safe environment, Ye athers, Arong US and the NATO acteresactly. It could be our employees, it could be our friends so our job. If wetruly believe in it, we keep doing it. We keep talking about our issues andbeing vulnerabal in front of people and then one day they will realize is not so bad and en when, when I didet, I thou it would be really bad. It was really good. anthase people reactedreally well and when they don't Reatt Werl to behonest, with views better than to tweat a certain way and they didn't sesily,it's because people they can. I remember Ehas ago I had two deaths inmy family, so it it was my little niece age. She di AF CAS and I spent a wholeweek watching her in the in this Hore Wall must be too bad, see her dying,and then we bury her and a day after my father passed away. So it was twodeaths very close to each other and I remember, came back to work and seously.My boss never talked to me about how I was doing, and I never took a personal because thething is he he really liked me. We got on really well, we were friends, hedidn't know how to handle a potential answer, because my answers Wele always yeah,I'm okay, so he didn't have to deal with. You know what I feel like crap.My Wal is, you know breaking down all over me. I can't even breath. I can'teven start telling you, because what do you do with the information when youdon't have a hi or the skillse wh? What do you say? Next? You don't have a clueand then you panic, so you decision is. If I don't ask it's okay, because you know- andperhaps I tell he char to check on her yeah so somebody's checking, but then you know I look at thethinking. I know what your thinking- and I know you mean you know you- youcat abou me. So I didn't take o personal cause. I knew they couldnothandle announcer. They would say I'm a struggling here. I need help. What doyou do? I don't know W W. What can I do you know so he it'sinteresting isn'tit mm and it'sinteresting how it all am lat mean today, there's meant to bee atalk about wandering room wit hysteria, but we've also talked about Eq and an women's rights and crazy new, well being things that we donow and it's it's funny how it's all kind ofthere's such a it's such a big area, well being and emotion, intelligenceand but then strange that people aren'topen about it. 'cause. It's such a big, such a huge part of himbony's life, butthen we go. Oh can't talk about that stuff. I think the problem as well isfor many many centuries and many years we being pliting the body from the minemm, and now we understand more and more even individuals like us, the power ofthe mine on the physical wodish huge and not just on the physical vody, onthe quality of your life. For me, I was lucky that I saw it twice in my lifewith my father, my my brother had a trervil accident and I saw him goingfrom coma better him to die, to be like ASD right now and going tohhold our deal and the only difference...

...between my brother and another guy withthe same situation that will die is his mind: Er, wo, O Ivrencs, and because Isaw it and with my dad, the sane with cancess and Allta, the doctors chouldnever explain why he was alive when you see her, you believer. Probably, if I didn't see with my eyes,probably would be more difficult for me. So everything is holistic. You knowwe're talking about different topics. Now we started with the wound and thenbecause we are holistic. We are not just one specific area, a well being. You know it's about everything in yourlife yeah every area in you life, you can', split. Yes, we deal with this oneand forget ab about the rest of the areas. It's it's just a holistic, veal.Really, if we want to have a healthy, weling, yeah and good thing about having a pod castes,we can talk about all the different things that encompass it. The weird Y,the weird, the wonderful they're useful then'R, not so useful that Sam cool.Thank you so much. This was very interesting Olivia. So we come to theend. Let us know what you thought about the different style of the episode thisweek and if you have any ideas from way to wonderful, well, being topics Pechtealous, you can get hold of us at Naked Trough, spot at gl, dcom, nakedTruh, spot ominster and a naked rooth and e score pot on Twita. Our face bookis naked truth with Carmon and Olivia thinking. So much for listening andjoying a Gane next week. Tell you friends about us, spread the wards stayon us, stay you and stay naked by by.

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