The Future of Work


What needs to change for the workforce to be productive, creative and happy in a world changed by the COVID pandemic? Join Carmen and Olivia as they explore what’s not working and look at ways to fix it.

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Episode 7 · 5 months ago

Episode 7: Goals!

Do you set goals? Or do you HATE setting goals? This week Carmen & Olivia talk about how to set goals that work for you!

Stay motivated, stay focused and stay naked!

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Episode 6 · 6 months ago

Episode 6: Fear

What are you afraid of? From hexaphobia to existential anxiety and beyond, Carmen and Olivia discuss fears, ways to overcome them, and what it feels like to accomplish something that really scares you!

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Episode 5 · 6 months ago

Episode 5: Emotional Intelligence

On this week's episode of Naked Truth with Carmen & Olivia the ladies discuss emotional intelligence! Hear Carmen bravely be taken through an EQ test and listen to life hacks to improve your own emotional intelligence.

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Episode 4 · 6 months ago

Episode 4: Self Development

The theme for this week is self development! Join certified transformational life coaches, Carmen and Olivia, as they discuss how they first got into self development, their biggest discoveries and more!

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