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Episode 2 · 1 year ago

Episode 2: Beliefs


In this week's episode Carmen and Olivia discuss beliefs; why they are important, the impact they have on our lives and how we can swap limiting beliefs for more empowering ones!

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Everybody welcome to Nakatrue withCIMING and Olivia podcast. Today we're going to talk about beliefs. This is avery important topic, as believes have huge Im Hart an our lives so Olivia Iwanted to star with the definith genof beliefs hi every one I myh definition ofbeliefs is that they are something we hold to be true and it's the feeling ofbeing certain that something exists or is true whether or not that's based infact, although it may always feel factoral, it may actually be no factthat it's actually based on, I think the word thelief for me often brings upimages of religion and spirituality, and whilst they are forms of belief, italso applies to how you think about yourself and others, and what youshould do, how you should behave and beliefe can be very emotional, and theycan also be very strongly rooted in trauma. They are formed very early onin childhood, and parents or primary caregivers will always imprintsomething on a child, in my opinion, even if they try their very hardest notto so, for example, I absolutely cannot complain about my childhood. Thank you.Mam and dad I was raised to believe in myself and that I could achieve greatthings, which you know is a really positive way to be brought up, butstill this kind of leaves me with the struggle with inside me that perhaps Ihaven't lived up to my full potential and that's completely in my head.Nobody else is saying anything to make me feel like that. So that's how Iwould sort of define what beliefs are to me. How would you define them so yeah? I Ha wanted change anything ofwhat you said for me is a totar handsenarseptane that something assistto its true without any evidence, it's just a given, and it's true that we'vebeen probably an our suponcious ministing program during the firstseven years of our life, and I was laughing when you mention your parent.It is true that we try ar very, very hardless not to pass all these beliefsand all the ways we have to see the world bat really impossible. It'sreally hard not to, and when I think about lifes. To be honest, it takes me back always to mybackground. It was a tiny village, vhery Catholic and very narrow mindedscreature scape, a lot of beliefs that they weren't given, and I remember, Ithink, Yous I don't know- starts just salimides. I just watch it was watchingall these people having you know, behaving the same having the samesentences and they were Lik Brain Wush to make it questioning then- and I keptasking bout why? But why and didn't, have any answers really. So was a the beginning of my revelliousspace, I guess but yeah for me it s something that we take as the truth andwe don't question melyfirst. We don't know that we have been because is justbein put it's just a problem for us to be fashioning in a family. An issociety in a way so Olivio. Why did you tink beliefs andfor you are so important in life they're important to me because they allow us to do things so if we believe we can do something, wedo it. So I wouldn't be here doing this podcast. If I didn't believe in myselfor US having the capability to to do that- and unfortunately it goes theother way too. So limiting belief...

...really hold us back and stop usachieving our potential and, like you just said, we don't always evenrecognize a belief as a belief. We can absolutely believeit's it's fact. Rather than Epinion, it can be very hard to separate the Tok, but an example of when beliefs are important things like fear, everyone experiences fair, it's just human nature. Someone who believes in themselfe willturn fear into action, create goals and make things happen. They'll keepworking towards their life vision their purpose, but someone doesn't believe inthemselves that fear will stop them doing what they want to they get stuck.They can't keep moving towards their vision and our belief system, as we've alreadysaid, is very influenced by the people around us. Our parents are teachers andnegative emotions like self doubt or anxiety are very deeply connected tothe opinions or beliefs we have of ourselves based on our life experiences. But the great news is: We can changeour beliefs, but it can be hard work because we maystruggle to see that they are not factual, that they are not true, thatthey can be exchanged for something else. But that's why they're? So you knowit's so important to recognize what your belief system is and how thatimpacts. You and sometimes pelice can be very helpful at certain points inyour life. They are protecting you from something, but then at some point youmay need to let them go and replace them with something else so that youcan move on and achieve all the things that you want to so comeand. I know you've got ta kindof you're coming at it from a different point of view than me. So could youtalks through your importance and wha? Why believes are important to you yeah?I I'm Gonto Tackali bit more about from a scintific, ecept poin of view, sohuman bes. We have two kinds of mind: the conscious one and the subconscious,one, the conscious one is the creative orme and the psychomicin subconscious.One is the one they sten to the habits and the programming and scientificallystirtuols that ninet percent of will happness in our lives is controlled byour subconscious, mind and people. We don't know this, and I was subconscious o mind is like ait's like a builtin operating system that controls o Ir Thinking. So if wecontrol our Behavia and in general, our life. So what is to happen is for thefirst seven years of our lives. We donload all these behaviors that weobserve, but from people around us, so we can learn all the Charateri stick isthat we need to be a functional member, O, a family of a community, so we can behave as is supposed to theproblem with that is the Arnoor Programs Thesyou Mationd? There areplans from tins teachers, priests, Etcetea. The probebly es is seventypercent of these programs. They tend to be negative for self snate, taching andIIS. What would reuserve to say now if we could live from our consciousmind, thes deprated one who we live from Ha Nangel, where we put top ofMino wit, do dreams and inspirations, but because we live from thesubconscious mind he sold the downloaded programs with the negativitythat comes with it. Now the moment we start thinking our conscious mind,start thinking. The subconscious becomes actinout to pilots, so we haveknowing the consciout level anin or...

...when we think were going to the suck ofShileve and ther is thedendia. We see thingsthat perhaps is know our reality was our paenth reality and many times wecan be struggling in life like orxample. You want to lessay, you want to earn, Idon't know a million pounds o year, but you had this dhisbeliefs around you that you know which people are no nice. Youwill never get there because behind thes sece, this belief is so Srong youand you want to be nice- that you can' get bail tomacicall year. You workreally hard and you do all the right things and you don't understand whyit's not getting there and it's basically, that is a is the danger. Youknow people like us. We do a lot of personal felaments and we are colletes.We understand that timely be more than other people. They are not doing thiskind of more holige kind of studies, but thereis the danger. All thisprogramming is controlling our lives and we don't know it, and we don't understand this, so wekeep fighting kit fighting. It will never win because tes ingrain in oursubconscious so yeah. That is why I think to working Thi Saria andto study how to change this area streaming,importunately order frust to take anything. We want in our lives, so in tems of e. If we want to gothrough our own personal one Olivia, can you tell us at Wi, be more whateverthe ones and probably, let's focus more on the negatives, the limiting bhelievs,which ones are the ones that had the biggest inpart in your life? Well, I mean I'd love to talk about allthe ones that have have the great impact of my life and that I a I reallybelieve in myself, but it's like. He just said that really interesting factaround you know. Seventy percent of them are are negative thoughts thatwe're having, and I think that probably rings truefor a lot of people, its much easier to have to think of something negativethan it is to think of something positive, and even though we're coaches-and we understand this- and we read about it- and we've been trained in it. It doesn't stop US having our ownlimiting beliefs, so I'm going to talk through a coupleof them, one, that's very personal and specificto me and what I mean by that is that I only think this about myself. I don'tthink this universally about everybody else, and then I'm going to talk abouta bit more of a universal belief. So the one that is very personal to meis that everything I do should be perfect. It'ssomething ive think I've always struggled with, and the problem with it is that one perfection is never actuallyachieved, because how do you know you ever get to the point of somethingbeing perfect Antil you get stuck in that cycle ofprocrastination. You just think and think and think and never actually getaround to do, do do and then it just ends up at no point,are you actually doing anything? You just end up not doing it, becausewhat's the point of doing it, if it isn't perfect so that e still fectioism is so relative, isn't I soinyeah and it's you know it's very limiting it.You know has really contributed to when I've had, and you know still continueto have it times, impostur syndrome, you know not feeling good enough. It can stop you talking about yourselfin a positive way and shouting about successes, and then, if you don't kindof tell people how great you are, then how do you expectto get that promotion or that next step... a job, because you're not letting people know howbrilliant you are, and another thing is that's veryclosely linked to. It is, if I make a mistake about, if I makesome mistake in what I'm doing I'll be very very hard on myself, and I reallykick myself for it and I'll overanalyze it, but that's not something I think aboutother people. You know when I've been in a leadership Positian as a managervery keen as long as people learn from their mistakes, there's nothing wrongwith making a mistake. Just don't make the same mistake again and again andagain now use it as an opportunity for learning and another side that I really strugglewith perfectionism. Is that my coor value the thing thatreally means noct to me is being authentic and that really comes upagainst perfectionism, because you can't be authentic and perfect. It'scompletely unrealistic, but the good thing is when I recognizethat value in myself that actually made it a lot easier to let go ofperfectionism and it's still something I have to work on. Something I have toactively remind myself about, but my motto very much is done is better thanperfect now, but you're not going to achieve anything. If you don't doanything so I'd much rather, you know not edit this podcast and just put itout as raw as it is an have to go on some course to learn whatto do to then never be happy with the sound Qualityo. Then you know it takeus months to get an episode out, whereas you know this is all donewithin like twenty four hours. So that's one, that's very kind ofpersonal to me and I think it's a very common one that a lot of people haveand, like I said I don't you know if somebody else said that stuff to me, Icould very easily challenge them on it. So that's another way that I can kind of talk myself out of it. IfI'm getting stuck in that procrastination, psycle Tis to kind ofthink about myself and a third person like if somebody else is saying this toyou, what would you do? Well, I tell them not to worry about making tmestakes and don't worry if it's not perfect, just get stuff done and then the one that's more of auniversal belief. So this could be really hard to work on because youbelieve it about everyone is that you don't deserve things unlessyou work hard now. I think a lot of people wouldlisten to that, hear that and be like. Well, of course you don't deservethings if you don't work hard, but then what's your perception of thathard work, what does hard work mean to you what what is deserving of someone gettinggood things, and it's led to me having you know experiencing a lot of jealousy.So if you perceive that people are having stuff handed to them, you think Oli never get anything handedto me. I have to work hard for things that I want and also guilt. You know when I feltthat I've achieved I've been given something or been Giveng a lot of praise Tor,something when I think I didn't really work very hard on that. I don't knowyou know I shouldn't have got you know as at Gcse, because I didn't revise forthem. You know and that's something that we've worked on through coaching, as you know, so. We've discussed thisbefore and actually it's looking aut well. Actually, what I did was I workedreally hard during the year and I knew all that stuff all the way through. Youknow the school years, so I didn't need to revise because it was already youknow. Luckily, I'm just someone who wants to pick something up: it kind ofstays with them, so I shouldn't feel guilty aboutgetting getting as at CS, because I did work hard. I just worked hard in adifferent way to other people. Yes, it's a really tough one to let go ofbecause it just sounds so factual. You...

...don't deserve things unless you workhard, and you know for both of these beliefsand being someone who struggled with mental health, and if you want to hear a fun episode about that, listento episode one. I goingto that a bit deeper. These beliefs are really hard to let goof and exchange us something more positive, because you know when you are in suffering with poor mental health. It'shard to think positively about yourselves, and you really do believethat these beliefs are factual, so that can really kind of solidify these thoughts in yourmind as well. So I think these are the sorts of beliefs that have had thebiggest impact on my life. In terms of you know, have I stayed in a job that Ishouldn't have been in? Have I you know not gone through a new jobopportunity? Have I not put my all into a job atvication, because I was tryingto self sabotage so yeah. These caniese can kind of havea really wide impact on r your life, if you don't recognize and fot what theyare and actively start working on them? How about you carmon it's quiteinteresting before I go into my one, what you mentioned Thatt, sometimes youknow like Tis jealousy parts. We look at people passing us by insomething we want to do and they go in faster than ous or whatever and we feellike. Oh take it in things, fo free and we have this natural, negative byasthat I'm hundred percent sure I got a lot of things for free, I'm Hanperson.Should I work my assoff as well yeah. I don't remember the things for Fret. No, it's hot funny how our Ego in our mindskeepus sin, this kind of like the negative side, Jack Yeah. You know, Prime Supsurvibal or whateverit is, but I'm sure it happened yet theyre on topof mind the things I got porfrey you know just to have a healthy body. Well,they speak yea e, but we don't pay attention to this thing, so we witbelievs as well. We are the wors Jartis towards ourselves, because the way Italk to me, I will never talk to you or AF. Another Orea, ASETER, there's noway. Somebody says to me: Oh my God, I feel lazy, but got this. I would judgethem. I felt good for you yeah, I lazy, and it's quite interesting because oneof my ones is a game not so much as professionism but harwork, and I think it comes from asamation a lot in this chapter,religion, so, Catholic environment. You have to work extremely hard foranything you get in life and original guarantee. You coul get it, but youhave to work hard, because if you don't the guild and the fear started cominginto your life and it's a constant daily, you know fight with his twoemotions. So in my you know in my spirence, likenobody, culd work harder, tha me in my career because I work so Harh and Iwork like a deroset batcery, so go on along andlon and non, and then I'mtiged, I still going it's like pushing this heavy rock continuously, no matterwhat the problem with that is that you get so tight to live in this puste andrace that you affect you physically and affects you emotionally. So he has ahuge impact in your health and Tean. I remember many times I lape on the firthfloor and we dont have a lit. I Linde many times to come back and I was youknow before Thursday to come back from work. I have to stop to sit down in thesecond floor. Before I went to my floot, I was so tired, ayoung girl like me, you know, but so...

...from a healthy point of Te. You have tobe very careful. He has O ceaching touch on you and I don't think you cannever get to this opportunial performance that we want to get towhere you are in the floow. You know, and it's seem somethings a spposed tobe easy for us, because we have certain talents and certain abilities there bynature easier for us. So I totally agree with you with this Har Work, thethe one that I mentioned before had I be in the other section. It was abelief, ofbur money and I don't know who invented, I believe, but there's abelief. There is a luck and if we live from a point of viewthat there is no much money in this word, we ofhe to fight to grab a littlevey of what it is in this world. It would be a better belief to savrisplenty of, and there is no, you know you don't have to buy it becausesplenty for everybody and the thing with money as well and coming from mybackground, there's the sentence that I manage. The woot of Holly Bos Wat. Thefull senttence was the love of manage the root of Pollybo, but somebody cutthe sentence and deleted the Lov off and just left money is the WATOF ollyevil. MONIS amazing thing, manysendergy money gives us happiness. It gives ushealth gives us whatever we want TOR to, we can be more tuistic. We can helppeople so mony many senmersies a fantasty to to have in your life. Yetif you have a believe that Managen, the boot of o Levol or if you saw in thePessur you've heard o your paents or cenetimes for some neighbors orwhatever talking line which people are tere selfish, you know theyare richbecause they don't PA, pay the vie salary to theplace and they don't careabout anybody. So you have this image and you, of course you are a very niceperson and you want to continue like that in your life. So imagine if I havethat belief and then I go, I want to an have the Mein my year. I wouldn't neverget there because I could be working really high and doing the right thenes,but this propen in my head, the I don't know I haven't I's telling me: No! No!No! You don't want this, because if you can there you're not going to be a niceperson and everybody's Gon a dislike everybodythat matters toth you in con Ta Islike, you and you don't have a clue whileyou're not getting there, because you see that you doing the same study,secily colleague you working as Har. You are a scutal better than then yetyou're not getting there. They could be that you collive has a believe thatmoney is amazing. I can do so much if I get money into my life, so that is howyou know it's so important in this Tiy Ang, the ones that are more personal tome, because I think the belief about money is quite universal. Affect manypeople, the ones thatre very personal. To me that three, like I'm, notdeserbing, and I think it's a Catholic environment as well. I'm not desturbing.You know I'm not worthy of things and I'm knowinnough. So I'm not cleverenough pretty enough tall enough what you know I can lite to pay thes a lonelist of AAn knowinnough and theyshould really damaging, because what is tohappen is you treat yourself really badhly? You judge yourself realy bybadly. Nothing is good enough and then, when you look at bat back o all thisebeliefs, sometimes there was an opportunity out there, just inpront ofme bag. You believe you're no worthy of it,but you don't teservey an you're not going to be clever enough. So you don'tgo for it and then it happens that you went for it because Mi Chollikan my bospushing meto it. They send my stibe rather than me sending Mi to be, andthen I got the job. So it was because they believein me when I didn't believein me or you want to change your career you're, not happy, but because youthink that yeah, you know like well, I'm a numbers person how l dit and youthink that you can be a good coach mm.

Ou Don. You allow you fears and thesebeliefs to say no, no, no, give yourself in numbers you could addit andand the other big cariers welland is huge. If W you have these beliefs, you are noassertin in your life and when you are not started, you are the diest person,so you say hes to everything, so you have to Ben work harder and you becomeso unhappy because you ffats your relationships at work, buts. When, withyour partner, you know, if you don't set up the downdress in all theres inEr life as human beings. We take advantage. You know it's not conscious,but and then you feel were sent fol and you feel very unhappy. So at the endyou don't become the person you want to be so iden the consequences that huge,because it can keep people in this kind of level of unhappiness. That isacceptable because I know how to live my own life in this level ofunhappiness. That do you want that ealy life and then there's an enmitiness inyour soul, because you are meant to do something yeah you doing somethingtotally different, because you don't believe in yourself and You'e knotdeserving. So you feel you soul, Harts Yiu feel senty, because you're notwalking the path you should be walking and Lif is not enjoyable. You Know Youcould look at myth. Like is so much work. You know and it's a tily bit ofhappiness here and there, but the measor arty of life is so negative andthere has huge consequences for people in their life. So Yeh ther are Ma manythes three things on a personal iwel, Ol Ois affected me and what I look back. The only savior was thet people. Aronlebelieve in me, so they help me and they push in and the second thing I guessbecause of my Har Work Belief in a way my Harwark shelpd me to get things inlife, so I was negative Fr m for my healthtay. In a way I was achieving fams Tut, perhaps watshing on my put, but I stillachieve certain kind of success. But yeah is you can have a lot of damageand a lot of thing back to your life in terms of so we mantion, you know whatwe think, what they are, the they pacting our lives. If we want to givethe audience a little tol odivy about how can we hadthen to change their beliefs? Can you take a Sthrou? More people can do to start Shari theirbeliefs yeah. So as as coaches as people who work within you know theselfdevelopment field, you know there are different ways of looking atlimiting beliefs and how you work on them. But I'm going to take you throughsort of one sor of tried and tested method, and it's going to be a range ofsteps that you kind of have to go through, and I would say also that ascoaches limiting beliefs are something I would say, we see in all clients likethey're completely normal, but that first step of overcoming the mitting beliefs is firstof all, just recognizing it. You know what is it what name it write it down?What is that limiting belief, and that can be really hard? That canbe something that's easier for somebody else to see in youthan it than it is for yourself and that's where coaching can be veryhelpful. So I will have clients, say things, and I will then challenge themlike all that doesn't is that a fact is that give me some evidence of that, andit's where you really can't provide real evidence of something being truethat you can start to really recognize the the limiting belief thut. The firststep is to just recognize it call. It...

...out know what it is, and that is soimportant, because once you recognize it, you will start noticing when you're having those kind ofthoughts and then once you've recognized it. Youneed to work out if you can, because it may have happened so long ago, in yourchildhood, that you don't remember where it came from, but it's workingout the source of it. Where did that belief? Come from WHO' told you thatwhere have you heard it is it from Kargiver? Is it from TV, the mediateachers n? When did it form in your life? How long have you had that belief?Now I found with many clients it's you know very much rooted in childhood at home, so the way that theywere brought up or and experiences that they had at school. So if you can work out like when did Ifirst start believing this about myself or about other people? That's another really important step, and then you really need to recognizehow false it is. What has that belief? Stopped t you from doing stoped youfrom achieving and it's okay to get angry at it and bepissed off that my life would have been so different if I hadn't had thisthought, because the chances are at may well have been very helpful at somepoint in your life and it's okay, because you realize it isn't now andyou're going to change it you're very open to changing that belief aboutyourself and then what you need to do is formand impowering belief, so exchange that limiting belief for something that iscalled an enabling belief. So something that allows you to do somethingsomething that makes you feel more positive about it. Consider where that belief will leafwill take you what it will, let you think and do and what evidence it will create in thenext step. So when you're thinking about and empowering belief, sometimes justthinking I am, I am good at public speaking, forexample, that might be a step too far. It might not feelrealistic, but I can be good at public speaking. That seems like a really realistic andhonest way of thinking. So, if you have the belief of Oh, I can't I can't dopublic speaking, so I'm just not going to do it Wenl, you can be there'sthings you can do to make you better at public speaking and then, once you got that enablingbelief that more empowering belief, you need to act as if it were truealready like you'r, some kind of method, actorand you're going through the motions, because, although our minds are verycomplicated- and we don't understand all of it at all- it's not great at knowing when you'reacting or not. So you can pretend to yourself that you really believe insomething, and you will trick your mind into believing it and with that, because you believe it it will lead youto do that next step and you want to create evidence ofsuccess. So part of recognizing that a belief was false was recognizing thatthere really wasn't evident of it being true. So what you want to do with thesepowerful beliefs is beable to prove to yourselvf that they are true. They arebased on evidence, so you'v recognized and challenged yourlimiting beliefs found impowering beliefs, and now you need to createevidence. So if we take public speaking to continue that example, you could join a toastmaster's group asa first step, and then you watch others... public speaking, do table topicsthey're just speaking to each other and it's a really supportive environment,and then it comes time for you to do your first speech, your icebreaker. We,U Talk About yourself well, well, done you've done some public speaking!That's evidence that you can be good at public speaking, so when you see thatyou've had a success in it in the new belief, no matter how small you can use that as an affirmation tellyourself, I did it and think about how you've now changed as a person andthere's no way back, because you've done something new. You can't undo thatyou have that new belief and you keep building on that evidence until thelimiting belief that you originally thought seem so stupid and your newbelief feel so comfortable and true that that is something you reallybelieve. So it's really important to be determined and persistent in doing thiswork on yourself. So you know it can be very hard work, but it is well worth Iin the end, because the consequences are going to be that you achieve somuch more and that you feel so much happier in what you're doing now. You know as a life coach I'm goingto say this is something that is much easier to work on h with a life coach,because they can really kind of get down to the real cracks of what thatlimiting belief is. But those are just some steps so justto quickly go over them again. It's first oferl. You need to recognize thelimiting belief, work out where it came from work out that it's false exchangeit for a more empowering belief, start acting as if your new empoweringbelief is absolutely true and start recognizing the evidence of that newbelief. So when you're doing new things and EITER chief new things to do withthat belief, then you really. You know note down that that success in your head, or evenwrite it down somewhere and remind yourself on a day basis like I've, donethis this and this until you truly believe in that new belief and your oldbelief seems like something really silly that you should never havebelieved in of yourself isisso point so Olivia just sow it tointeract iu but isjis. When you were talking about these thay say it's areally good little model that people can use their two areas that I wouldlike to say something yeah when we, when we recognize that a belief in hownegative we sing in our lives, we need to have self love and selfcompassionate, it's okay to get Onbeno and all that business. But justremember that we all had this. We all Bein bring washed in problem is how ourHeman Mis we work or as we could survive, we can become a functionalpersonal society, Wecasol Life. So I just look at yourself saying ratherthan getting to Ong Weabou. Oh my God. She has such a big impact in my lifeand I waisted so many years. Look at it like, I am so lucky right now torealize at this point in my life, because she could be that many peopledie without so huge that, however old you are, orwhatever you are in life, just to realize that things are no working woryou do thes veleps is huge, so I think it's really important to feel theself,love and self compression. Don't kill yourself too much, don't get yourselfto Onwar, because you can go into this kind of Te vicou circle and is notprotuctive and then the second thing is as well when we were talking aboutevidences and we're talking before about the subconscious, mind thisprogramming and the bran, the Brin does...

Toknow. It is true of horse. He justbelieves it when we we want to change it to new beliefs iswhat you mention is, and it has to be done by reputation, itis about creatingnew habits, because thexact conscious mind is a habit of mind. So even things like what you mention Ican do, I can be good to public speaking. Just repeat it to yourself inyou. In your mind, I can be good. I can be good. I do good now, probably not bican be good and then the mind starts s hering, like Oh there's, a new problemand Leedle by leadle that we have to work at it all the time in a way. Youknow with this evidence and these things, because we have to go from onehabit to the other, the habit of saying I can't do to the one saying I can do-or I am a good public speaker. So it's just to thes two little things and thefirst one to me is really important because his, I think many of us we willtreat ourselves bakly yeah. I think that's a good point. Ithink you get angry at the belief, but don't get angry at yourself for havingbelieved it. It's be angry at that belief as if it was anobject. If, if you want to, you might noto know not be bothered, you might belike yeah, okay, fine. I thought that now I don't I'm going to think aboutsomething else, but it might be like you. I'm really annoyed that I've spentyears thinking that woull it be annoyed that you spent Ye is thinking ot. Itjust be annoyed at it, yes, Hain and then, with the with the brain, just tobring up the you said about brain washing and reprogramming. That's that's kind of what we're doingwhen we're believing the new belief to be true. So when we're kind of you knowrepeating that to yourself, it really is you know: brainwashing doesn't haveto be a negative thing. We always talk about negative way, but we're sort ofdoing that again, but we're doing it with something more positive to make usfeel better and be able to achieve more and ultimately feel more fulfilled inlife. So you know: We've we've already been brainwashed by our kind ofexperiences and past, and now we're just doing it n in a more positive wayto to make us happier and it's moreconscious way, because Yeah Ou individual decision is noour parentfrom parents. The prees, as like we make a voice, is by choice. I want todo this and it's a total different yeah, totally diffrt bace to brainwash canbeful Evri was yourself for something that's going to serve. You well bringwashing, is great yea, no bad, and it's a good point where you said so. I thingI've Ha for me. I find at in send of then really difficult to do on my own,I needed my coach to help me out in that it can be a journey yeah. Is itwel something the audience can check out? This adoctor called Dr BruceLiktom Lypto and as a he's, an next pert in this areaand has a lot of videos in yout open, it's very interesting guy to listen to. If anybody wants toAntesi alite bit deeper in this in this area, so anything else w fom for you Olivia.No, I think I'm all talked out today, but I look forward to kind of speakingto you again next week. Okay, so connect with US Ester, a naked trothpots or a twitter at naked truth, andthe score pots. Our facebook pages make a truth podcastwith Carminan Olivia, and if you would like to collaborate and Shar your story,hovour email address is naked trough tot at Yomacom ta, your friends, ofousread the ward stay on us, stay you and stay naked, but by.

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