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Naked Truth with Carmen & Olivia

Episode 7 · 1 year ago

Episode 7: Goals!


Do you set goals? Or do you HATE setting goals? This week Carmen & Olivia talk about how to set goals that work for you!

Stay motivated, stay focused and stay naked!

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Hello and welcome to the seventhepisode of Naked Truth with Cormon and Olivia. I do hope you are all well. Howare you doing Carment, no bat about Um waiting for the sunshine to come todayI seem he wants to come in London. How is the weather there? It's actually pretty grey here todayit's been sunnly week, it's pretty great at the moment, but yeah. I don'tthink we're going to have a nice weekend. So yeah you were saying theywas going to rain right apparently, but we will see AF. We've got a lot ofgarden stuff today, as Weonst, I don't have a clow, because I stop watchingthe news for a while a peaceful inquired mine. Have you been up TOR since last week? No much no much Um dealing with my neally teenage kid and Um doing a bit of exercise, a'msure thats at least one every day. Even if I don't run, I go for a walk andlatly with the isolation. To be honest, I need nature so much and I remem I'mcome from a pot, proper country, sigins pain and Ilove to be in the big cities. I was never a Countressi girl and now- and Idon't know if it's linked to the isolation or getting a little bit oldor whatever it is. I need to seeit tres around me, so I tend to go um early orlater in the day to the park and and being in the in nature Um. What aboutyou? Yeah? I've been doing lots of walkingUm I now when they're a big city, so Idon't have much choice. It's all very wron, but yeah I've been to some newwalking stuff. That's been nice, but yeah just been quite busy this week.Actually, so I pen wood in some beautiful photos ofyour walks. Aganst tegram love your potes yeah walk some, my dogs, that'spretty much more, my life. That is very much my life walks and dogs, Bot dogs working. That's it I would saythes'se a good life yeah I mean I can't I can't complain about it. I have tosay, but yeah I need to take some more pictures actually and I think I've got amy walk's got a bitSany, so I stopped taking pictures 'cause. It was just going to be thesame pictures every time, Bud m. Now I've got some new places to walk andI'll be walking. On my my own some days now 'cause, my other half is going backto the gym. Soone o they're, going to Heen the yeah. So tobe honesty, something I made so much. Oh my gods to go to the gym. I didmissure miser, Lotane TCHECKIAV, degonlpen mm yeah, I'm more of an outdoor person,not a Gim person, say ine. I so here this week we'reactually going to be discussing Gol Setting, and so maybe you could have agoal about going back to the gym Carmen Yeh. That would be my goal in the nextfew weeks. Hopefully so I thin weshould get started with like what is a goaland what different types of goals that there are. So you want to get. Itstarted, yeah so mesical. For me, a Goald is a person's ambition or desireresults in any areas of their life and for me, ther, three types thetre. Theoutcome goal is like for sample. I want to climb the Everest and the secondtype is the performance. Chools is what do I need to be at that level, where Ican climb Theveran it I physically fit. I need to learn how to deal with satbags extremely important and be mentally strong, mentally prepared, andthen the third type is that process. Goulds is about the nitigrity. WhatEsatli we need to do to be physically... to train four times a week, UmTotho, daily strength, training. What I need to to to learn how to deal with atBaks and be mentally strong, perhaps to meditation mindfulness, perhaps gettinga colch and trying to s sea situations from different perspectivive and havingmore empowering beliefs, rather than limiting believe. So you know it's thatthree types of golds and each of them are as importional as each other. Theproblem is like more in the area of passional the Baloments I feem. Thebiggest issue is that many of us for many years, like in my case, probablyfor the first thate years of my life- I didn't- have an Outcongo in my life, sopeople test to focus a lot of the process caus, it's the next steps andwhat to do on a daily basis and on the performance scoalls. But if you don't have the ALCOM GoldThayis, the one thare's more, the most motivating parties, literally the ALKOGollis, the. Why you want it m! You just spend your live reacting to life.You know you get another job, you start to studying something because youcollecs are doing, and you know, if you don't do it youare not going ta go upin the ladther so and there is the problem you you end up, no, knowingwhat you want and how long you know like Um. What what would you Ma makeyou happy? So this is really really important to do. Um, because you knowit's. We are living like in a way we are inmortals in these planets, and weknow is the only guarantee we are mortals and Wer just living like youknow, wasting time and copying others and competing with all thes, notknowing. If this is going to make us happy and many times is because thesociety has ortain inspectations for your career, your family will havecertain inspectations. It's really real important to do this,thinking what you really want to do and what you want to live behind and who doyou want to be? You know many of us. We just present this personat work or withfriends is no us, so it's really important this Oucongloand then once you have the Alcango, the rest will come because automaticallyyou need to start going into okay. In order for me to to get what I want, Ineed to get the performance goals. What does it mean and the process goes so yeah? It's it'squite important and I don't know if you felt the same with your personal,depeliment, Olivia or not whatyeah, I think know. I think it's so common. Thissocietal expectation and that all your kind of career and life decisions are based around what youshould be doing and d you'le, not necessarily thing about what you reallywant to do and what you want your impact to be, and that's you know, I think, I've always to a degree done what I wanted to do.But there has been that societal kind of well. You need to have a proper joband you need to do this and you should be married and you should have children,and it's been that kind of you do have that pressure behind you, which I'veyou know managed to ignore so far it's it's. There is a real societalexpectation around when thisis how you live your life. You do this to this ageand then you do that and then you do that and then Yo. No, how often dod youget to stop and go but hang on. Who Am I a? What do I wantto do and that's you know very much what happened to me when I went intocoaching was: I was having that kind of t who like what do I like? Who Am I?What do I? Yes, that's it. What is the whole Poit me being here? What's mypurpose, and so it's something I'm definitely much more conscious of now... around. You know, goal setting andwhat you can achieve through doing golf fitting. I mean I remember because Ispend my career was in finance as trasidy was this studys thatprofessional studies called Sima and Theyre Very Interesting Studies, it'sall of our strategy and something that I'm really interested so, but I did allthis studies in Spain Isaneiin value of my studies as much so, and I saweverybody doing then, and I was like Noi going to do it Bhu thing I didn'tgo up in the ladther, so I had to do and I knew all these concepts and but I susely hated every second of it and it was really interesting. Yet Ihated every second and it took me for years to finish the bloody thingbecause I didn't want to do it not because I didn't want to learn isbecause I knew already yet. I did and thenhelped me to go up in the ladtherand it was the right decision at that time. I always wonder what about if Ithought what I was passionate about, and I eversed that Estra time I putbecause I studied my eyeoff really five o'clock in the morning. If I went towark in the evening, it was really hard. Imagine if I spend Hei energy insteadn,something newthe and passionate about there was nothing to do with Maney orcareer. Where will I be, I don't know, could have been better situation Wenworse, I don't know, but you know it's the questions you have to ask yourselfmany times when you Jesyt, I ol this one is doing an looks. She got apromotion and I do too it just doesn't work because at the end, thatis why wehave so much stress and anxiety and at te in this way we are unhappy but yeahye who don't think properly 'cause its. You know it's no Ia to think verydifficult when you think. Sometimes you need to look at yourself in the mirror,saying Gosh I make S. I made a istake here an have no easy to accept that youwasted few years doing something you shouldn't but then I's so empowering,because then you can stop it in a way so yeah yeah and I think for me what what I found and what Iwork with with clients on is really findin out, who you are that'sreally hard to know where you want to go and what you want to do and whatyou're passionte about until you know what you like and who you are and whatyour values are and if all that's tiding together with your goals, that's what makes it you know,motivating and interesting that you, you don't Lan to either and you do it esatally, because the problem is, youcan go and put as many goats as you want Onte, I'm feeling I on this area.I feel proud with myself, if you value Yusortin orline and you have limitingbeliefs that I gonna you're not going to get BA golds. So at the end, it'sjust you have to do the foundation first, so Olivia in terms of Um. So weknow what is a goal and which three types and well we lacking Noblin N inour lives. Let's took about goall setting of allthe process and why we need gall setting our lives, and can this be aPlito passonal development yeah. So if you ani want to achieve something specific,you really need to set a goal. ECAUSE. If you don't have that for that goal,you don't have that focus or direction, and you know how 'did you work at thepath of how to get there you'll just kind of reacting to life and and doing thingsas and when they happen, rather than actually, you know, planning some stepsout and putting the work ind to get what you want so girl setting not onlygives you not only allows you to take control ofyour life direction, it provides you like a benchmark for determiningwhether you're succeeding, but one thing I just kind of quicklylike to kind of go over regards to...

...setting golses for what he hatessetting Gols, because I know I've been there even as a coach, I you know- andI I know how important goals are. I know what they can do for you, but sometimes I just hate setting them and I think a lot of that's related to kindof previous jobs. Having were y? U Know, work related goals, so things where you look at because youhave to fill in your personal development plan for the year or your personal development review.For the past year, you've just done and your Trana kind of justify why you needa bonus or something, and it's all based on you basically doing your joband to me that wasn't never enough of a it might be called personal developmentwithin th within the company, but it really wasn't. It was very muchperformance and HM. Did you hit these targets that we've sat? You knowmechanial really yeah and it's it's a tickbox exercise on these are your kind of these? Are Yourobjectis for the year. It's part of your job description. Do it Li ell, ofcourse, I'm going to do it. Why wouldn't I do it if my job, that's WHA,am Pan tar today, so you know, I think at times I have an aversion to it,because I just recall those kind of pointless exercises where it very muchis. We need to Tik some boxes and foods and paperwork and and file this away sothat we can say that you're working at this certain level Um. So if you know,if you feel like you, have a real aversion to it because of somethingsimilar like that, you don't think of goals in that way.It's it's thinking of something that you're actually passionate aboutsomething that's very personal to you and make them interesting. Make itsomething you actually want to do. Don't just go! Oh, I should do thatthis isn't about what you should be doing. These are personal goals. Tharshould be about what you want to do in night and also don't get caught up inthe fact that you may not achieve that goal. You might not ever achieve thatgoal, but as long as you're working towards it, then you're achievingsomething and overtime that Ga may change it. May It main to be moreflexible, it might need to. There might need to be a big pivot toarl, somethingelse nd. I just think of people who've made plans for twenty twenty, like howmany of them feel like they've gone out the window because of coved. Well, it'sjust you need to change the date on it or you know. If it was, you were settingup a business that was going to be in person one now you're, probably doingit online you're just doing things in a different way. So I get where peoplecome from an I hate, setting goalls what I'd say is really pushd throughthat, with some really personal and passionate girls that you really wantto achieve, set a good point and the other thing as well. It's like theangle. We look at the situation, so if you hate it as yourself, how can I makeexciting yeah, because at the end of the day, many of us at work, we have todeliver this kind of Col, starting or whatever. So as with anything in life,Oh God a combearer. Well, how can I bery? How can I make a fun because Idot know they we have to do it Yesabou looking at it from a differentperspective, and then you brain will give you ideas yeah it with that. Youwill give you ideas, and it's really good point, though an and it's you knowgirl sittings, a process where you do really need to carefully consider what you you want to do. That's that'show itll starts is what what is it I actually want to achieve with this, andit takes a lot of hard work to tat. Shol get there and what you can do inbetween is set some very well defined steps that specify the different areasyou need to hit for each gold to be able to achieve it, and knowing thesesteps, allow you to really kind of have...

...that magic formula of how you canaccomplish that goal. So really that is the goald setting, isn't just the theEndrazel. It's that it's those steps that you need to takealong the way, so that almost like little many goals that you have to hitalong the way to be able to hit that bigger outcome goal at the end, so Kando, what kind of Goald setting doyou do at the moment? What what works for you! So for me Thatr two things I realizethatare extremely important, because I I change careers Um. The ALKANGOAL IS Kis my wi because you go through and you will know for yourself as well ecause,you can change Kareas few times. They are sand dark days. where o you justwake up, and you think what the heck did. I do you know, and you seeyourself literally in the Strey begking for money, because you're limitingbelievs and you you know you you inacritic, starts pumping you with allthese stories. So for for tough days. Is My outcome goal like why I'm doing what I'm doing for themore daily tasks? Um, I had a really bad. Last week I just couldn't function.I just was a little bit lost and I didn't feel that achief much and then Irealized. Oh, my God. I didn't do my to do list. So when I look back every time is the same. This is thecommon denominator and its Isis hundred percent sure when I have a bad daywhere I feel like I was all over the place, and I didn't atchieve much isbecause I didn't do my day Routinean, my taily rotine is at the end of eachtay. Before I fall asleep, I take a piece of paper and other people does inthe computers whatever it is it as the matter. Whatever works for you and Iwrite on everything, I need to do by right everything sending a NumalTolivia doing gratitule first thing in the morning doing this everything and Iput the tasks that are very easy to do at the very beginning, a as I watch youwhen you wake up and you mind, um go for a walk whatever. It is because he's reallyimporting, and then I take a blue high, lighter and a stahig lighting tickingwhen it's done so before I get up of my bed, I already probably highlighted twoor three, and that puts me in such a good mood and in the in the righe mind,set for the day, and I kil you now. I went through the days from last week. Ididn't O nother days. So for me, it's really IMPORTE, not just for mybusiness as well for personal development to have this list an themoment. You do the least as well. You can look at it from a russional pointof view on more objective and you can say okay, I need to do ontelabase sudlyfor my business and something for my own passonal development and you cansister away if you, if you missing something that you can include. If youdo things in Neu Mind, you will be missing a lot of things soyeah for me, the to do least daily ones: tremining Port Wil y Olivia Yeah. So I think I think I was prettysimilar. Actually in terms of it being you know it's it's stuff, you need toget done and theres there's also that kind of self development stuff as well.So for me it's you know. I have to have some goals for my business, o where'sit going what's the ultimate goal for not just the business itself, but alsofor my own lifestyle, like what am I trying to achieve for me through havinga coaching practice and if I don't have that kind of sense of direction thatthat, for with Mamentum with the business and things to focus on- andyou know, there's lots of little things... focus on it all over the placeis weasy to forget to do partner. Then it's not going to work. It's NOTGOINGTO GET BIGGER! It's not going to progress! It's not going to make money!It's it's really making sure that I know the steps I need to take to work outwhere I'm going to so there's a lot of kind of business goals. Some are manyand some of the you know the overall kind of outcome and something that I'veI've realized more in in the last probably threeweeks or so is that I really neded some morepersonal development, self development goals so doing more stuff, that's justfor me than for others. So I love being of service to other people. I lovehelping other people ANA supporting other people. Sometimes I forget. I need to do thatfor me. So for me to be able to supt other people, I need to be doing olorkon myself as well. So that's something I've been very consciously trying tocommit to this week doing things when I said I'm going to do them to practicing all the techniques intrinopractice with some new stuff that we're looking at to do with positiveintelligence and yeah. It's just being very conscious of you know every day. I need to practicethese things with the the outcome being that I'm, you know developed more as aperson Im on I'd better place to be able to support other people, becauseI'm also supporting myself. It is quite interesting, isn't itbecause if you don't become consciously aware of your behavior of your life,all these important things will be missing from your life, and that is why,when you don't do personal developments will happen an then when Ou lastreacting to life, so thes conscious partis is Yiscno. So do we have some golden roles to give the listenerswhen it comes to goal setting so get there five, and what are you through then? The firstone is you have to set goals that motivate you? This part is EtremImportan and this is linked to the outcome goal. Why is this callimportant to me and if I have to share it with somebody, if I meet you- and Idon't know you and I need to convice you, this Wa worthway go. What would Isay because in the bad days when you start docting yourself, many when youchange Karea or you want to create your own business or you want to- I don'tknow, move to another country and you can't speak the language whatever. Itis something big you will have Dar Tis. You will have doubts yourself and woseconfidence, and you know thinking. Oh my God. What have I done and atherpoint inwen. It's really important to go back to the Y and having thismotivation. So this is really important. Setting all TA multivate you. Thesecond one is to set up smart goals now for smart Gol is the goal has to bespecific. It can be measure, so you know Um. If how you doing- and you know,if you have to make any changes to you plan, I has to be attainable, grelevantand Tom. Ba time bound means, like you know, just to say of I don't I want togo to the verse tis example We put before in my lifetime. It's not verymotivational, if you say, but the H of forty. I need to achieve tha gold. Itgives you this Focu. Somehow it is kind of motivation. So the time bound isextremity. importion saying that I um, I will add to Lettus to this smart. Iwill say that the Goald shoull be smart...

Ye, so we always I we always keepmissing society in general, incorporats and jobs. The two most importantletters and is exciting they for exciting. They have to, you, know,trigger the passion and they are for rewarding. You know once you achieve the go, whatare you going to get? Is Sor Bo nose? Ou s you climb, the verasn is the bestfeeling in the worlds Um, you see finishing a Marthong and if is so prowhatever it is, it is matter, but we keep missing the ER in society and injobs, exciting and rewarding, because that rewardand part keeps you happy andkeeps you motivated yeah. So they are the first ones that theyhave to motivation and they should be a smart. What are the next one, SirOlivia, so number three is to set goals in writing. So the physical act ofwriting down a goal. It really helps to solidify. That idea makes it more realand tangible, and also when you're writing it use the correct words. Youknow don't say things like. I might do this I'd like to do that itS. I will do that. I am going to do this, it's being very positive with itand also framing it positively to motivate you, and it might be that youend up rewriting your goals, to make it better for you to make it moremotivational to make it more likely to happen, and you might think that theyreyou're writing exactly the same thing again. You've just changed a couple ofwords, but t can really help to change the meaning. So, for example, you mighthave a goal. If you're Um lie manager, a boss, I will hold on toall existing employees for the next quarter. You think well that soundsreally positive. 'cause they're saying I am going to do this, I'm going tohold on to all existing employees for the next quarter, but then you change it too. I willreduce employee turnover. The second one house has the getoutclaws where it can allows you to succeed anyway, even if some employeesleave yes and that's important, because withe goal like I will hold onto allexisting employees for the next quarter, Lyou can't actually affect that. You can only effect thatin in the fact that you refuse to sackall your employees make them all stay if they want to gosomewhere else. You have to let them go they're, not a prisoner, but what youcan really work. When is reducing Hemfor, you turnover. So what can youdo to do that? You know what steps can you put in place? How can youmakingploys feel more engaged and happier and attract utalan and retaintallen o? That is something you can its still very positive, but it's it'staking that pressure off of something that isn't isn't realistic and if you use A to do list as part ofyour writing down goals, it coul be very important to have the kind ofoutcome goals at the top to remind you of what what you're really trying toachieve so you're kind of where you're really trying to get too overall andthen underneath have those snolle goals so tha the steps you need to take inorder to to get to them. So it just puts them in the top of your mind andkeeps that motivation fresh in your head set a good point, because I neverever done that, and I think this is something that could inspire you knowwhen you go like go. I have to do this, then you read th. Why you're doing whatyou're doing ther is such a good point? Yeah Yeah, particularly if, if there'sa bit that it is a really tough bit that youreally don't want to do like maybe...'ve got to hape a very difficultconversation or youv got to see something that's very foring to to getsomewhere. It's just a a really onerous task. You need to get completed inorder to move on Um, but having that overall goal, and so,for example, at the moment, I need to I en to day my last year'stax return, and I know that I've gotten til January to do it, but I also know Iowed some money, so I need to keep Hir migt hat I' own some money to do thereally borring job of going through all those spreadsheets and doing all theaccounting stuff and STI funning with the taxes, everybody hates them, andeverybody's like Oh, but the thing is the sooner you do it, the better. Youfeel yes, absolutel les do a go right, just doit go today, and the next step number for is make anaction plan. So this is something that can quite oftenbee missed out, in God, setting particulally I find with work goalsthat you'll just kind of given this abjective of do this. But at no point you really plan the.How do you do that? So it's really important that you do havethis step of making an action plan because we get so focused on theoutcome. It's easy to forget all the steps that you need to do: Aong the wayso write a detail plan with all the steps that you'll need to do and crossthem out as you complete them, and that really helps out for those goalsthat are big and demanding or very long, tern Gols, and you can look back atwhat you've achieved so far, which helps to motivate you to continue alongyour Patt towards that ulitimate girl, so you're ticking them off. You getthat kind of boost ofter and one step closer to getting towards that girl towhat I want to do, but also, if you're having a particularly tough day, youcan kind of lback at that and be like. Oh well, I've completed you know tenout of fifteen an hour, wec tame an diversion. So it really does keep that thatmotivation going and then what's number five so yeah wewe did force tic about setting gold down motivation on setting gold, thersmark to remember, exciting and rewarding, put Theng in writing, makingan action plan and the fifth one is stick with it. So, just to rememberthat gold setting is an ungoing activity is not just a means to an end,so we need to make sure that we're belding reminders to keep ourselves ontrack and make regular time slots available to review our goars. So youyou, it could be the UN destination. The outcome Gong is not Gol is notgoing to change in the long time they could be the action plan, theperformance, goalds and process goals you have to that and changesignificanty as you go along because noeverything depends on you, you know,there's a lot of statna factors, so we need to makesure the relevance, valueand necessity remain high, or it could be that you're in a position where youneed to change Yourr comgoal as well. So then you have to changed the wholeplan so Thatis, why it's so important to keep going and keep checking andmonitoring your you goals and see if you have to Adat and change likeorsample many business they have to pivot with online with their copet.Today's really really Kay and, however you want to do it- depends on theindividual. Some people is with piece of paper the people withexcelasppreciates whatever I it just doesn't matter, but it's reallyimportant to keep truck and as well as you mentiond before it multivate you,because you see wh e. How far you come from the second part with stick withthis, and I thing is really important- is conceit, an accountability partnerand here probably is more important when you're doing something beg likeyou. Changing a career, um you're,...

...creating a business, it can be a very,very lonely path and many days you will have many days when you go my gosh, I just made the wrong decision.I have to go back to what I wash and see. If I can so it's really important that youchoose somebody you can talk to and you can be thinking okay, it could be mypartner, my husband, my wife, or a friend and potentialy. That would notbe a good idea because they have a positive, Vius towas, making you happy,and you know you will be depressed. Sometimes, when you change Careo youdoing your own business, you will be some tough cold days and what you don'tneed is somebody telling you I just give up, because you brain is alreadytelling you that you need somebody that potentialy, the Perfet, a contibutypartner could be somebody that they did, that walk already ther a Leto be aheadof you B. Even if is somebody tayis walking at the same pace as duing thesame path. That could be good because you can bounce ideas from each other.You can encourage each other and then will these two would be much betterthan a friend or than your mother or you parner much much better, becausethey're going to be more Russian and ojective and they're not going to havejudgments yet so the conversations are gongto be better for you to keep motivated in thein the dark days and is mentioned it's mainly for the big big ones where youwill feel a scare Um and for many other goals it depends how Um motivatds, howselfmotivated you are and how disciplined you are. I example fror meIAM xtremely disciplining with myself. In searching areas like at work, nomatter what IACHIEF pulistop with exercise- it's not hat, it's notthat much! You know I have days, wher go God, so I get up and it's just aconby bother, and I don't do anything in the WECK and have othe weeks that Ido three days so one day and it's funny how we can be Xtreme, nly, disciplaning,one area and not so much in othe area. So it just depends. I think it's quiteimportant in terms of Pak, the right Accountabiliity, Parner, 'cause, he'svery easy to say and NEEA contimiity partner. I pick my friendly yeah well,Olivia wants me happy, Oliva doesn't want me Depresse, so liver will saythings with good intentions to keep me out of the black hole I am in that day,but that could very well be the worst thing o liveio can do to me. So it's really important to pick andchoose you eupann as well so livie in termps of Al this. What will you saythat the key points Um to pay attention to go sittings? It's much more than justsaying. I want this thing to happen. At' I've had this vision, that's it!It's I've thought about it now! So it's you know, everything's just going NAfall in my lap, an happens. You really need to understand and define what you want and why you want it in the first placeso that you remain motivated and y. u thchance that you all succeed is is increased because you really understandwhat and the why and then understanding thatwy needs you to thehouse o. How do I di it and it gives you that action Panols, all those stepsyou needs to take, and you do that by following those five golden rulls thatWeh hast been through and you can set goals with with confidence. Then, likeyou know, you've said something: That's motivating. You know that it's a asmarter goal. You know that you'V got it written down somewhere it's going tokeep you focuse. You know that you're going to keep going with it, becauseyou've got such a good understanding of...

...what it is you're trying to achieve and through knowing how to do that. It justbecomes easier and easier to do. It becomes more second nature to be ableto do gold setting it's not such an ardue, ous kind of work, task that it can feel like, andyou can really see how far you've come, what you'veachieve so far and look back and reflect on everything that you'veyou've achieved, but also it's really important to remain flexible andunderstand. Things are of your control sometimes, and we just change is peopleas we get older the things we want change sometimes- and things happen tous that make us completely reevaluate, what's really important in our livesand that's okay, your goals, it's not like you write it on a piece of paperand it's an absolute contract that that is the that has to be the end resultthre. There can be no change to that. You need to be kind to yourself, butalso stay focused and keep going with them, so hopefully, with those five goldenrooms, youll all find it a lot easier now too to set those goals and when youget into that mindset O, I really hate setting gills. Remember this isn'tabout doing your job at work. This is aboutthinking about your very personal geals and they might be in the workplace, butthey might not be anything to do of work at all. It's about what you wantto do and what you want to achieve and not what is expected of you and whatother people want you to do, and I guess in in the personaldevelopment area, just remember that the oucome goals are reall Importin andyou have to start paying attention to think about Ayam, who I want to be and what Ireally want and write a donging every area of your life. It's really reallyimporting and then, as we go, went through the process of Gol Setting,that's pretty much what happens at work. You can apply the same process to yourpersonal development, Ye h, yen, masure, that you're write things tone that theyare smart, the multivating you, king, a PLAC suchly, what you know already yeahyoung and keep everything. Alas, just keep values and who you are in mind. I mean that's my answer toeverything in Life: I does it aline with you Balu now I so trong he en is aline with your values. It's probably going to keep you motivated. It'sprobably going to Kek you foecast and and actually be something you want todo exactly my friend. So we come into theend. Thank you so much for listening enjoying as againg another week hope wesee you next week, connet with US hat instar at naked truth, pot and treatorat Naked Truth and the score pot. Our facebook page is naked truth withcarming and Olivia, and if youll like to collaborate and share your storywith us, our Mal addressis naked truth pot at email. Do Com. Tell you friendsabout us, spread the ward t stay on us, stay you and stay naked. Thank you! SoMuch Seyou next week ICAAVE, I.

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