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Episode 9 · 1 year ago

Episode 9: Imperfect Action


Ever find yourself paralysed with perfection? Did you get soooo much procrastinating done today? Then this is the episode for you! This week we talk about taking imperfect action!

And almost as if we planned it, the sound levels are a little...imperfect...this week... but enjoy listening to quiet Carmen and very loud Olivia - be your own sound engineer by turning the volume up and down on whatever device you listen to podcasts with!

Hello, everyone im welcome to the ninthepisode of Naked Truth, wet Carmn, an Olivia. I hope you are all doing well.How are you doing Carmen I'm doing? OK, hello, everybody day, a ettl be o agreat day, and I, like my gray age, what have you been up to since lastweek? What havebing at to I work a lot lacely I go to the park ad loved to benature: Taingliv Li with my Kids Waln't son, Interestingu progrems in netplats and Jes Wostina,Litte Bit Wal what you watching on Netflix. Oh my gods, a strang in thines,Haveyour, oser yeah. I haven't seen them at all because Um my partner and I struggle to watchthings together, because one of us will always get ahead. We're not very goodat waiting, though he got like well ahead of me and stranger things. So Ipretty much missed the first series. I see most racent miny en I think forus. Is it was't really good, because a she happens with many families innetplags ou? You Watch yew things and you find it really hard to findsomething in the family as a whole Lenoug. So my doughter found this oneand since AE watcing it with my Pardan, then I sa e wattinet and he became likea night WITCO. So we don't see her on since eleven. So she goes with herfriends. We hardly see her he in the week during the day, sory and then whenshe comes Bac, Aon, seven or six at Peing with her friends, and he said hesaid night richel and Twi Sasin Lavaner. You know we put some mattress on thefloor in the living room blinds down, so I becomes abinol cinema and we allreally liked. It is amazing. actent from these Kates as well, who am is soenjoyable said on Jola M Soyeah, I've been um in the last aweek or say maybe a couple of weeks. Idon't know why, but I suddenly feult. This need to rewatch breaking bad. Iwatched it years ago and I haven't watched it since so I'veonly ever watched it once it's not like I've seen it loads of times, but although I remember the overallSTORYARC, it's like I'm watching it brand new tes Omu Tis that the one inpeople are in Jae with a zoo, looking GA, no, it's the one whats a scienceteacher that becomes a drug manufacturer and Aphire and Lakesisreally dull, live by the rules guy, but really like simple life, simple guy,and then he just turns into completely different person. 'cause he's runningthis drug manufacturing ring dea, but it's like it's drama, but there's lotsof Comudi bits in it and I've just forgotten so much of the the little stories along the way Lias.I know who who ends up alive at the end of this thing. So I know this is goingto be all right, but I really can't remember what happens so. Yeah, that's B lay no one yeah!It's been good. It's been nice to has been years since I've seen it but yeah.I I've been putting I off tree watch et because there's um they brought outlike a feature lengx like sequel. I guess to it Bat I'venever watched. I think it bought it out last year and I didn't watch it 'cause.I I can't really remember what happened to them at the end or whatever. So Ithought I'm going to rewatch breaking bad so then I can watch the sequel andI wasn't expecting to have forgotten so much of it. So that's quite nice... watching it fresh again. So this week we will be discussingimperfect action, which is one of my favorite thing and if you do a google search on whatthat is mell first ofal action, I think weallknow, is the act of doing an imperfect action occurs when you createcollaborate and basically just get going on whatever you need to dowithout waiting the perfect conditions which can be easier set than done thecalmer. What stops us from taking action so yeah it Mi Vew, probably steer yes, stopping us for that teof failure.Many people even have fear of success or an impisible of being judge. I meanyou no and you can write a few bagies on a list of fears than many differentpeople will have and for me Te. There was a really interesting definition. Iwas somewhere. I can remember where his fals evidence appearing reality andMesic is a projection of something that, in the majority of cases, Tasn't evenhappened yet is giving us all thistress and Ansiet, and the problem with PA isour daily companion. Even when we look at other people and we think wow, youknow the waling Harri themselves to the very confinental that we corin so muchFA, withing ourselves, a d nomally is the Eagle, keep us in in in in a placethat we we are SA. You know, son, keep us in the comfirtable son and thereleads to procastination. So it could be that suddenlythere is anamiss paralysiswhere you have to get to anothertronodosis testing case deformtheaction and another one and another one in what is the limit? It could be aperfection AOLYSISM and I has to be a sad co, perfit and Inno as well withperfection. What is perfection in my eyes could be very different from whatis perfection in your eye, so he woild be beader to do something and get to beback rather than trying. This idea a hundredcent past fater, we cul me aswell. Logistics forous is, like you know, like I I remember last week wehad so many teckhic problems, tough, the potcast and sicould be that yen. Hecould just go and say a lower o years, because I remember I was more in mysight and where was you know, I was prosaing or you culin here and MI fear.My savanters were telling me. Oh my God, Theys you potcast is Co. Orivia has totow her on you want to this tream wher. You create the Piel in your heads andif you believe it I could say to your lik on Lolis oin per severe and we tryanother day and we try another day, and I was trying here wit difent Tingo,with my partment. You were trying so because we pessa Er and we do did aninperattaction. We managed to realy something THAs week, anddoing somethingdifferent. So you know mainly for me, is the creer the story with telling ourheads and I needs to be challenged M and we need to push ourselves intoimperfectation, so Olivia lest give the odin some ideas how they can pushthemselves into this imperfect action. Well in perfect action means we have towalk right into that far and just stoppbing afraid of what could go wrongand focus instead on what could go right. So it's really it's just aboutjust. Do it just go ahead, you know, there's a fear there, utdoesn't matter, you need to just get started with it. So I think that's thefirst step yeahthe. Second, one, probably for me ssuscepting, the failure might happen...

...and ye has an opportunity to grow norasces not to do something now have this grove mineset that you know by learningfrom Pesa falures cause, remember failures: Hey could be perceivedfailures, but they are no failures. The only person in life o truly fails isthe one tays so professionist that never takes any action to wher. Therewas anything that is a true Palin life. Yeswe just need to remember. Reallythat Falia is not the oppositeof suscess is part of it. You can never besuccessful if you don't have failures in your line, suggest a set Palia as agirl, forbitulity and big opportunities will always come to you above your currentlevel of skill. ND and itwill push you out of your comfort zone, but again,that's what you need to grow. You're, not Gonno, learn and grow and besuccessful. If you don't push yourself just to stretch that little bit furthertry a little bit harder, so you might have something to do, and you think Ihaven't done this before. I'm not good enough for this. Just push yourself outside that comfortzone and you will get something from it. Whether you fail like Carmens justtaltus through that's fine, you will learn from that failure, but also youmight not. It might just go really well Yeah Sa Good Mine Toe and whatever youdoind readly break it down into steps Lis. This h saying that how will yoeatit an elephant you can cad in little pieces? So it's the same. You havenowly. Sometimes the luck of action is because of so weat that we need to dothe winter us too much andthough older, for us to be able to do it, just breakit down into teless, leps and just start with the first wone and sometimesor many times. We don't even know the first one we think is the way one hedoesn't madder is reater to keep moving than not moving at all and in the firststep, will lead you to the next Ond, the next one to the next one and SA,and sometimes when the steps are wrong. The next one Wen correct you in theright direction. It will be more right, but eter is readin. Water keep walking, asshoing, keep thiter in the next tepsand half Fay that what are you doing? The first one- and if you don't knowWhita will be the second one. The second world will come to you. Whileyou do in the first orm, so half hold that you will know what to do. Next. Hm and you'll never truly be ready foranything. So don't wait. We we spend a lot of ourtimes waiting for the perfect time to do this. The perfect conditions to dothat and they're not going to come or maybethey've already passed, and we didn't realize that actually, at the time theywere or perceived perfect conditions, inperfect action, Beits, perfectinaction, every single time, you're gointo get stuff done, so just just goahead and do it try it just take that first step pobably, the last one he idnoally. Whenwe don't act, we go into procastination and is a very anlessent place to beCaocin, spend days and weeks where theu just can't do it to Havily rellexercizethat the audience can to a very simple one to take you from thatprocustination the luck of action into in perfetach. So what you have to do isto write and you will have three Callin, so you can use Pos toxifyo want whenthe first Calin you will have a list of the weekly Doge Cecenwan will be the top three gollsyou need to Achak in witand. The pirone...

...will be ingoals, completed and Ni needto be very, very strict, toport in the second Colin top three working progress,wolls onyty, you can add worce and defeat because you nangs when you canproprestimatod. So you have to be treamanly straight about all infrainworking broks and if you know hundred percent FAW, which ones to put you canuse it like te lite matrix when one of the accessy will be important and theother assic accessing will be Agepti. So you need to write one DETA SASK inthese maintricks, so high importance and high Ergency, these podets willhave to be in the toptralow inportions lowergency forgetten. You don't evnneed to think about them or do them at all. Just forget them, because we iswaving Porson to focus in getting you out of the propestination, so o justpart them for a lile. And then you will have SOM that are high important, butno Argen, just revew them every now and then and Monita the urgency levels whenhe becomes a lit, be more Ergin and see where you have to prevent and the lessworn is. Where is no Importian at all Bayis, very urgent, again revew, thathigh level of Argency? Is it really so worting and if is not so important, doyou have to do it? Ta Ing? was you to Hi execise Yeu will keep youprogressing and getting you out of the prepostimations on, and I think onething with this is perhaps in day in the at the beginning, put tasks tha,astreamly, Keay, Ayo and tasks that came multivateyo little bat or dothings like rides at least every day or when you go to bed the day before word,you need to do throughout the diy and the next day and Hang Li ten as you goalong like o someone for me, I will got Granti to you when I wake up, walk in nature and once oeven simplethis like giving Olivia a call, I put everything anything and I start toighlight him, then in Ginglandi Ston, and he moltivates me. He gets me out ofthis. Oh God. What did you have to do? Cause Isit happens to all of us is very,very easy. Nearinto, the progastination, and if you want a mfree software thatcan help you with doing those exercises of having you know, things that a workin progress, all those different colons or even doing the urgent, importantmatrix nd I find Trello is really good for that tre ublo and it's free, andyou can just it's like having postits, but it's kind of postits ono on acomputer system. So if you're someone who likes to work on a screen all thetime or perhaps you're always attached to your screens, you need it therethats somewhere. You could that's something I would recommend and using so Olivia. What is you eperients,Wavein perproduction? Oh, I have lots of experience withimperfect action. If I, if I didn't, I wouldn't get anything done so. My kindof motto or the saying I live by in life or have to live by life at themoment is done, is better than perfect, and if I didn't follow that there'd be a hell of a lot. I hadn'tachieved so just to name a few things. This pog cast this pog cast. If, if I was going to wait for it to beperfect, there still wouldn't be an episode out, because we don't have themusic we're recording in zoo. We don't have. You know, there's certain thingsthat other pobcasters have that we do...

...not have, but it works and I'd, rather that welearn Aong the way and we've now we've got microphones and things that we'vemade improvements along the way, but we just got started and if we didn't takethat imperfect action, this pocas wouldn't be here. People wouldn't belistening to us now. Another thing. My website, I mean, if I'm going to wait for thatto be perfect again. That would never be published. Thinking at university. My dissertationwas m the poorest piece of work. I did at Universiy it just didn't. I did a M, I did like a practical disitation, soit was a ensmatic method of measuring blood. Alcohol is what my desitationwas and it just didn't. Work like the results. Just didn't work, so it's goodbecause it gives you something to write about, but it's bad 'cause. I actuallydidn't know why it didn't work. Soit was it was like my poorest piece ofwriting. I hated it, but you know W at I just had to get itdone. 'cause. If I didn't get it done, I wasn't going to pass my degree and inthe end, yes, it had the lowest score of all my modules, but it didn't bringdown my overall score. I still got a good path. I still did well. I just hadto bastle through that kind of. You know what this isn't going to beperfect, it's going to be so far from perfect, but I just need a pass on it.That's what I'm aiming for, not for a hundred percent, even blog post, that I occasionally get round to writing. You just have to have a bit of a braindump and then publish you, cannot overthink an log post 'cause again youWuld Asto, be writing rewriting editing, comparing it somewhere else like nojust they your thoughts, just ride, em down tos get it done, and it might sound like when I'm sayingall these things. That just seems so easy for you you're just getting onwith it you're just doing stuff, but it isn't easy. I have very deep rootedBelife imperfectionism, which is a working progress. I am working on itand I have to battle against that way of thinking all the time, but alternately imperfect action, windsand it has to win. Otherwise nothing would get done and the problem of peffectionism is we never really achieve it if you're working on something, try andmake it better and better until it's absolutely perfect. What does that look like? How will you know you have achieved it now, HIV? You asked me that about mywebsite when I was wecking on my website- and you said to me whats: What's it going to look likewhen it is perfect howare you Gan a Kni. I would come up with some arbitraryexamples, so t professional look. engauging people want to spend timereading my content all that stuff, but that doesn't answer what it will looklike and that's because if I knew that, thenit would already look like that. Wouldn't it I'd have already done thatif I knew what that perfect version of a website looked like and that's where I get stuck is whenyou you're just trying to make thingsbetter and make things better and make things better. But you don't know whatit is and then I get paralyzed and move into procrastination and don't doanything. Then it's me just sitting there that well, there's no point in medoing anything. What I do won't be perfect and then that's going to be afailure, and then you just turn Ino that vicious cycle of all thosenegative thoughts. So if I let that, if I letperfectionism and that pocrastination...

...of Ull my life, I would achieve nothing,no action would be taken at all, and so I'm very happy to take imperfect action.To just do it done is better than perfect when itcomes to the website, it's there to prove your a real person really workingas a coach and to direct people to you. If I was waiting for it to be perfectbefore I posted it, how many clients have I missed thatcould have found me and could have been contacting me, because I was trying toachieve this unrealistic goal of the perfect website that nobody in theworld has even achieved the perfect websites or why would I be the personto do it? So those are my kind of how I do it. It's just too, when I get stuck in that I recognizeinmprocrastinating O'm not doing things and that things aren't good enough. Ijust have to remind myself done is better than perfect get it out there.You can always go back and tweak things andprove things as you go along, butjust get started. Just get things out there in the world. So what about you? Colm and what's yourexperience with imperfect action? T'squat first thing I was listening toyou. INTWO wards came to my mind, withimperfect action and one iscourage,an the Secaminsyer in any times why I erelie you from very me from very earlyage I being experiencing in perfetaction and Hee. Had these dwellements o alwayscarrtin fear, my fist wanning was the fut. When was when I was twelve, and II left my fariend's house, so I was ivving in a tiny village, thirty housesin organ paying and Um. You know an environment where mean when you go tothe doctors, your mother speaks fit you, you don't speak Yso. You are nonindepending adult when you are twelve like. I can see my child nowadaysliving in London and I managed to convince everybody to alow me to go toporting school, so mading this little girl that couldn'tt even speak forherself going to the big city of her own leving with nuns and other girls. Iwas petrified. I was. I cried for a month sleeping with another three girls.In my Vatem andquite quietly crying because I had so many fears- and I wasso scared, but I did it coming to England ou know I had a Jogin, I spangeverybody telling ye you're crazy, there's no many jobs. You got a jobwith a hellar. You doing. I Don' I didn't even really think much about Ijust didit. I I remember I spent the whore journy in thereplane crying, so Iremember had these big glasses and it was this couple sitting down next to me,a was nowlaly fo, my area and I tried to cry. The ters were coming down likecrazy and I tried to be so quiet and probably if he was a guy wou neverrealize obvously was an older lady and she realized Rayway. She hold my Hameold old Germany with her saying and we look after do antil you meet the personKes fo that you are meant to make, and I was crying because e have all thesefears wat. His person would be bare to make I ev no Yo have money. Ba counsMadis am going to get a Holdt, so you have all this grazylygoings and y know.I writing he throw she heldd me out. The Guy whohse meant to colatiny wasthere, but in s couriage mixed with fear. Emma just went trid coaching,diplomatdid Hav, a cue really. It is life to Mit, to the SARENA to to have adiplom encoting, because I alwas loved to help people than to develop people asame with you for the podcast. I love... Po. I love to teach to talk to Manta.I I love to to to give things that work. For me an see people can use the andimprove their lives and, as you mention is a perfect now is not profit. Thename says at all t naked truth, you know is no edicting is no music, but wedo it hopefully will help the demce and we enjoy it as well, and I rememberwith linking posts in this area, a'm a finance, an Strutin Parson, I mean fortwenty five years, and so you can have in you mind this idea of iow ye justget with numbers. Just you know, please do no right, you cannot write. YoullOunover, give Ye words and that could stop me. You know utthought you know what now, if I'm no no goods, then I can become better andthen I can become good. If I no doing I I'm not going to become bettr at it, soI still remaiber my first post, I was patrified I tixat post and I epettedpeople to come back to me saying in a lot test stuff. It did not very good atit and it was the opposites I mean it's not like. People knew me and Buti caut few lightsand I got a few people saying wow. This was amazing and then I said to him moreand more, I become better a that, a my amazing rigt of porsonal and Thatis,not my intention, but the thing is I get better every day. I do it so for me,my whole life is about in perfect action, no matter what so yet this ismy life welling live, and I know you're beg on your kind of m your mantress to inspire people. Sowhat have you got for us this week? Some one them ushim lately, because inthese challenging times, Ema said I'am so pleased we are coachous and we havemany tools we can using ourselves paven. So you know you have the tolls and, aswe mentioned here many times, we haveing really gadas he and there- andI found this interesting mantra from a company called Boardheart and he says Iam positively specting great results. No matter what I see Fontome, theuniverse is rearranging itself to give me what I want and is is really helpingme. I I don't read every day to os in my very bad days where I just get upand I come feel I don't want to do anything just to read this it. It putsme in a positive. You know way, O ing everyone, Mis God does not call thequalified he qualified the cold posess. Yes, it means that you know go to theuniverse. You don't have relison, it will help you the moment. You sayyes to opportunities, you just mean to say yes, and sometimes you say yes tothings that I'm no good for you or them, nor you pass, but this is going to openanother door that will direct you to you put, so it doesn't really matterand it will give you the resources you need. Another one is to starve withinperfectaction and you wild be given the knowledge, the resources and thissupport that you will need, and it's a little being who we talk before we'redoing breaking down your goal. So you tins you have to do in Lo the steps andnot knowing what is the second step. You just know the first one just do thefirst one as you go along. You learn in few things and then the second stepwill come to you and the F. The fourth owile for me is:Would you mention Aly, but inperfect action, bats, inaction, everytime, andso we need to keep at it and the days...

...were, we losing hope, go back to thisMante. You know you will get there. Even if you see something totaldifferent infront of you. Just be patient half hope the universe willhelp you, but sometimes as well bearing mind that sometimes what we want is nogood for us, and sometimes when we don't get things Yo, we need to thinkwhat is the landing here. Is it this my path? What can I do to improve thesituation because it could rea at many times? We won't think that are not whatwe are meant to do. Sowil. We fail look at it from learning. What is my landinghere? Where should I do, but keep moving, keep moving all the time mm and I would just like to bring up one ofthe most well known advertising slogans ever that I think fits in so wellwithin imperfect action is from Nigkt just do it. NOWTHAT SLOGAN WORKS! It's why they'reso successl just do it whatever it is. Do it now and Hon it later suppose thatwould be my kind of last sage advice on he imperfect action.Just do it so I'd like to thank you all forlistening and please do join us again next week now next week we do actallyhave something a little different for you, which I'm not going to give youany details about, but just it statune thatwill be for our tenth episodes Owill have made it to double figures B Eah. I know we need a cape, but just like know it will. It willcome out on the Saturday rather than the Friday, so you'll have an extra dayto eight, but it would be somthing a little bit different and veryinteresting. So if you like to connect with us, connect with us over ainstagram at naked truth, pod and twitter at naked truth, underscor, podand or face but pagis naked truth with calm and Olivia contact us fi email atnaked truth, poed at Gemal do com. Tell your friends about us, spread the wordsdayones stay you and stay naked, see o next week by everybody. t.

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